The Old Curiosity Shop (1914 film)

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The Old Curiosity Shop
Directed by Thomas Bentley
Written by Charles Dickens (novel)
Thomas Bentley
Starring Mai Deacon
Warwick Buckland
Alma Taylor
Hepworth Company
Release date
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Old Curiosity Shop is a 1914 British silent drama film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Mai Deacon, Warwick Buckland and Alma Taylor. It was based on the 1840 novel The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens, and was the first of three film adaptations of the story by Bentley. It was made by the Hepworth Company, the leading British film studio before the First World War.


  • Mai Deacon as Little Nell
  • Warwick Buckland as Grandfather Trent
  • E. Felton as Quilp
  • Alma Taylor as Mrs. Quilp
  • Jamie Darling as The Single Gentleman
  • Willie West as Dick Swiveller
  • Billy Rex as Tom Codlin
  • S. May as Sampson Brass
  • Bert Stowe as Short
  • Sydney Locklynne as Jerry
  • Moya Nugent as Marchioness
  • R. Phillips as Mrs. Jarley


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