The Old Shit (Basshunter album)

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The Old Shit
Studio album by Basshunter
Released 2006
Genre Eurodance, hard dance
Length 51:42[citation needed]
Producer Basshunter
Basshunter chronology
The Bassmachine
The Old Shit
LOL <(^^,)> (2006)

The Old Shit is the second album by the artist Basshunter released in 2006 on his webpage. The tracks are thought to have been made between the years 2001-2003[citation needed]. Some songs listed on the album were re-released on The Early Bedroom Sessions in 2012.

Track listings[edit]

The Old Shit[1]
No. Title Length
1. "Här kommer Lennart"  
2. "Counterstrike the Mp3"  
3. "Smells Like Blade"  
4. "Stay Alive"  
5. "Storm of Fantasy"  
6. "The Celtic Harmony & The Chilling Acid"  
7. "The Night"  
8. "T-Rex [Jurassic Park]"  
9. "Waiting for the Moon"  
10. "MoonTrip"  

The Early Bedroom Sessions[edit]

7 songs from The Old Shit and all songs from The Bassmachine was re-released as part of The Early Bedroom Sessions album in 2012. However, the tracks "Counterstrike the Mp3", "Storm of Fantasy", "T-Rex [Jurassic Park]" were omitted.


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