The Old Willis Place

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"The Old Willis Place"
Author Mary Downing Hahn
Original title "The Old Willis Place : A Ghost Story"
Language English
Genre(s) Horror/Ghost Story/Mystery
Publisher Clarion Books
Media type Paperback, Hardcover
Publication date 20 September 2004

The Old Willis Place: A Ghost Story is a children's novel written by Mary Downing Hahn. It was first published in 2004 and is found in 9001 libraries.[1]


Twelve-year-old Diana and her brother, eight-year-old Georgie, live in a shack in the woods by Oak Hill Manor. They are scared of a ghost that lives there since she had tortured them, but they are strong and can't die. A new caretaker has just arrived and he brought his 12-year-old daughter, Lissa. As Diana waits to meet Lissa, she wonders if the new girl will like her. When Lissa shows up she brings her dog, MacDuff. However, Lissa finds out that Diana and Georgie stole her bike and a bunch of other things. She becomes very angry and demands all of her stuff back from the brother and sister. Suddenly, Georgie bursts out of the woods dressed like an Indian and yells at Lissa to go back where she came from. MacDuff jumps on Georgie and knocks him to the ground. Just as Diana and Lissa pull the dog off Georgie, he runs back into the woods. After a while, she and Lissa began searching for her brother. They eventually find Georgie. but at the same time, the ghost of the woman who used to live in the manor tracks them down. Suddenly it all makes sense, Diana and Georgie are ghosts of the children killed by Mrs. Willis years before. Lissa tells her father where their bodies are and he calls the police. Diana and Georgie are finally buried and resting in peace.


Diana- Main Protagonist, 12 years old

Georgie- Diana's brother, 8 years old

Miss Willis- Main antagonist

Lissa- Diana's human friend

MacDuff- Lissa's dog

Nero- Diana's cat

Lissa's dad - Also known as the Heron Man for his skinny body


Hahn, M. D. (2004). The Old Willis Place: A Ghost Story. New York: Clarion Books.


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