The Older I Get (EP)

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The Older I Get EP
Skillet the older i get.png
EP by Skillet
Recorded February 27, 2007[citation needed]
Genre Christian rock
Skillet chronology
The Older I Get EP
Comatose Comes Alive

The Older I Get EP is the second EP released by the Christian rock band Skillet, their first being the Alien Youth: Limited Edition. It was released in 2007 only in the iTunes store.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Older I Get" (Rock Radio Mix) 3:39
2. "The Older I Get" (Acoustic) 3:29
3. "Yours to Hold" (Acoustic) 3:42
4. "The Older I Get" (Edited from Studio Footage) (Video) 3:40


The music video for the song consists of footage shot during the making of Comatose. It features John Cooper recording vocals, all of the band members playing their specific instruments, and the band goofing off in the studio.