The One Who Got Away

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The One Who Got Away
The One Who Got Away - Book Cover.jpg
AuthorGilles Tetreault
GenreTrue crime
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date
October 2015 - 2nd Edition
Media typePrint (Paperback and eBook)

The One Who Got Away: Escape from the Kill Room (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN 978-1-5393-4773-6) is a non-fiction book by first time author Gilles Tetreault. The book is a true crime novel based on true events.[1][2]

The One Who Got Away is a remarkable personal account from the original intended target of convicted murderer, Mark Twitchell. Tetreault recounts his personal journey of the assault, the highly publicized court case, the resulting media fallout, and life as 'The One Who Got Away'.[3][4]

On October 3, 2008 in Edmonton, Canada, computer company contractor Gilles Tetreault logged onto a dating website, looking for companionship. There he met what he thought was a pretty, young blonde named Sheena. Aspiring film maker Mark Twitchell, lured Tetreault to a rented garage in south Edmonton by posing as a woman on the dating site. Arriving for his 'date', Tetreault was brutally attacked by a man in a hockey mask and after a violent struggle, narrowly escaped with his life. One week later, Johnny Altinger was lured to the same address and attacked in the same manner, only his life ended in what police believe was a ghastly case of life imitating art. Mark Twitchell, the man found guilty of Altinger's murder, was a fan of the hit TV show 'Dexter', a sensationalized depiction of the life of a vigilante serial killer.[5][6][7]


Twitchell was convicted of first degree murder in 2011 for killing John Brian "Johnny" Altinger.[8] The criminal investigation and first-degree murder trial drew substantial media attention due to its connections to Dexter Morgan, a fictional serial killer and Bloodstain pattern analysis featured in the Dexter television program and series of books.[9]

Notable people[edit]

  • Gilles Tetreault: was brutally attacked by a man in a hockey mask.
  • Mark Twitchell: an aspiring filmmaker.
  • Johnny Altinger: was lured, attacked and killed in a garage.
  • Bill Clark: a detective with the Edmonton Police Service.


  • The One Who Got Away: Escape From The Kill Room (2015) - 1st Edition. Triplicity Publishing. ISBN 978-0996899413
  • The One Who Got Away: Escape From The Kill Room (2015) - 2nd Edition. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN 978-1539347736

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