The Opening Bell on Fox Business

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The Opening Bell on Fox Business
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Production location(s)New York City
Camera setupmulti-camera
Running time60 minutes
Original networkFox Business Network
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseDecember 17, 2007 (2007-12-17) –
January 15, 2010 (2010-01-15)
Preceded byImus in the Morning
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The Opening Bell on Fox Business was an American business news program airing on the Fox Business Network at 9:00am Eastern Time and was hosted by Alexis Glick until December 23, 2009. Jenna Lee and two other FBN anchors were in the running to fill the role until its abrupt cancellation on January 15, 2010, when it was replaced on the 18th by an extension of Imus in the Morning.[1]

Debuting on December 17, 2007, this program offered a daily glimpse of what is expected to happen on Wall Street for the business day, reaction to the opening of the markets, and covered the first 30 minutes of the trading day. Contributors and reporters included Robert Gray, Shibani Joshi, Connell McShane, Charles Payne, Nicole Petallides (NYSE), and Ashley Webster (London).


Some of these segments below included:

  • Round 1 (and so on): In these segments, which were seen several times during the show, Glick, the reporters and a weekly guest host talked about the business news and hot topics of the day.
  • Trading Places: This was the segment in which traders from Chicago and New York give their outlook on the business day ahead.
  • Capital Corner: A Washington, D.C.-based reporter for the network (either Peter Barnes, Rich Edson, or Adam Shapiro) joined the program to give his/her take on the Congressional and political side of business.
  • Before the Bell Whip: In this segment, market reporters narrated a brief rundown on the day's pre-market business headlines in turn before the opening bell.
  • Opening Bell: As the name suggested, this was the key segment of the show in which the opening bells are rung at the New York Stock Exchange and at the NASDAQ.
  • 7 Early Movers: Fox Business Network contributor Charles Payne reported on the day's 7 early movers in the opening minutes of the trading day. Seen right after the ringing of the opening bells at the NYSE and NASDAQ.
  • Turn the Page: Glick, Robert Gray, Ashley Webster, Connell McShane and a weekly guest host followed the day's stories beyond the newspaper headlines.
  • The Weigh-In: Seen at the end of the program (if time permitted), with Glick, Gray, Webster, McShane, Payne and a guest host weighing in on the day's business and other headlines.


This program replaced the fourth hour of Money for Breakfast, which was reduced from four hours to three on December 17, 2007, but Money for Breakfast contracted to two hours on May 12, 2008 as the first hour of that program was replaced by the second hour of the expanded Fox Business Morning. Money for Breakfast is now off the air.

Following the success of this program, Fox Business Network debuted Countdown to the Closing Bell on May 12, 2008. That program, which is hosted by Liz Claman, follows a format that is very similar to this one.

The Opening Bell on Fox Business moved to a new set in Studio G on 2009-04-20. This program, along with Money for Breakfast (also hosted by Alexis Glick), Countdown to the Closing Bell, Fox Business Bulls & Bears and Cavuto all shared that same set in the new Studio G until October 2, 2009. The show moved back to its old studio (the same studio that was originally used for the now-cancelled Money for Breakfast) on October 5, 2009.


The Opening Bell on Fox Business was canceled January 15, 2010. Fox Business Network expanded Imus in the Morning by 20 minutes on January 18, 2010, when Varney & Company, hosted by Stuart Varney, debuted.