The Oppidan Press

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The Oppidan Press
The Oppidan Press Logo
Type Monthly
Format Newspaper
Editor Kathryn Cleary
Founded 2007
Headquarters Rhodes University
Circulation 1,500 to 2,000
Readership 4,000 to 7,000

The Oppidan Press is an independent student-run newspaper at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.


The newspaper was founded in 2007 by two undergraduates Lionel Faull (Editor 2007, Managing Editor 2008), and Ines Schumacher (Deputy Editor 2007, Editor 2008). It received almost no funding from the Rhodes University SRC at the time, and had to rely almost entirely on advertising revenue.

The Oppidan Press was founded not only to provide news and entertainment to the previously disenfranchised Oppidan community, but also to increase the quality of student media at Rhodes University. The newspaper's direct competitor is Activate.


The Oppidan Press is primarily a newspaper produced for student readers who live off-campus in digs, although its orientation and coverage necessarily includes campus affairs, because all students are members of the Rhodes community. It is published fortnightly during university term-time, i.e. approximately 12 editions per year. However, this does not exclude special editions published for certain events which fall outside of these parameters.


Although The Oppidan Press receives a grant from Rhodes University's Student Representative Council, all printing costs are covered by advertisements and private sponsors. The grant is used for the newspaper's extensive training programme, functions and office equipment. This makes the newspaper's editorial side completely independent of the University.


  • 2007: Lionel Faull
  • 2008: Ines Schumacher
  • 2009: Tumelo Tladi
  • 2010: Lauren Minnie
  • 2011: Lauren Granger
  • 2012: Michelle Solomon
  • 2012: Benjamin Katz
  • 2013: Kirsten Makin
  • 2013: Binwe Adebayo
  • 2014: Kyla Hazell
  • 2014: Amanda Xulu
  • 2015: Stuart Lewis
  • 2016: Leila Stein
  • 2016: Lili Barras-Hargan

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