Orange Way

Coordinates: 50°23′45.35″N 3°30′45.59″W / 50.3959306°N 3.5126639°W / 50.3959306; -3.5126639
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West of Newbury, Berkshire, the Orange Way follows the Kennet and Avon Canal towpath

The Orange Way, so called because it follows the march in 1688 of Prince William of Orange and his army from Brixham to London, is a 350 miles (560 km) unofficial long-distance walk in England that passes through Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and London.[1]

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50°23′45.35″N 3°30′45.59″W / 50.3959306°N 3.5126639°W / 50.3959306; -3.5126639