The Oranges Band

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The Oranges Band
Origin Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2000–present

Morphius Records

Lookout! Records
Associated acts Romania, The Thumbs, Wrong Button, Roads To Space Travel
Website Official website
Members Roman Kuebler
Dave Voyles
Patrick Martin
Past members

Daniel Black
Tim Johnston
Faye Malarkey
Virat Shukla
Greg McKenna
Art Lavis
Michael Boarman
Lauren Madow
Matt Dickinson

Doug Gillard

The Oranges Band is an American indie rock band from Baltimore, Maryland signed with Green Day's original label, Lookout! Records. Fronted by ex-Spoon bassist Roman Kuebler, The Oranges' first record, The Five Dollars EP, was released on Baltimore-based label Morphius Records. Subsequent touring and critical praise earned the band a deal with Lookout, culminating in the release of an EP, album, and several videos, leading up to, according to many critics, their strongest album to that point, The World & Everything in It.[1] In 2004, Morphius released a retrospective compiling the band's earlier work including The Five Dollars EP, the now out-of-print 900 Miles of Fucking Hell EP, as well as various unreleased tracks entitled Two Thousands. In 2008, with a new lineup that included Pat Martin on bass and guest guitarist Doug Gillard, the band released their third full length The Oranges Band are Invisible.



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