The Order of The Red Friars

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The Order of the Red Friars was a secret society established at Duke University in 1913. Alongside The Order of the White Duchy (the female version of the Friars), the members of the Order strived to create a bridge between the student body and the faculty. Their core focus was to develop a sense of fellowship.


The Red Friars were established in 1913.

The Seal of the Red Friars

In Ulster folklore, 'The Red Friar', or 'Frater Ruber' of the North is accredited with haunting a number of buildings, especially those associated with travellers, such as Inns, or hotels.

Some people associated with the Order of Red Friars include first Duke University president William Preston Few, Rex Adams, Arthur Hollis Edens, Herbert J. Herring, Furman McLarty, Raymond Nasher, Richard M. Nixon, and William H. Wannamaker. Among their many contributions toward improving student life at Duke, the Red Friars commissioned a commemorative plaque in the center of the West Campus quadrangle that still stands today. They also hung a bell, the "Charley Bell" in the Kilgo Quadrangle Belfry in 1950 that can still be seen today.


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