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The Original House of Pies
A still-operating Original House of Pies (April 2010)
Restaurant information
Established circa 1965
City Houston, Los Angeles
Country United States

The Original House of Pies is an American restaurant chain, started c. 1965 by Al Lapin Jr., an early franchise system designer also responsible for International House of Pancakes, Copper Penny Coffee Shops, Orange Julius, and others.[1] [2]

Specializing in many different flavors of pie available for dessert, the chain was popular up through 1979 when Lapin's company faltered. By c. 1986 the franchise chain filed for bankruptcy and closed most of its locations. Some individually owned and operated restaurants remain in Houston and Los Angeles and have kept the House of Pies name and logo. The founders of Compaq are reported to have made initial plans on a placemat in a House of Pies coffee shop in Houston.[3]


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