The Original Leap Year

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The Original Leap Year
Studio album by Emm Gryner
Released 1997
Genre Pop
Label Dead Daisy Records
Producer Emm Gryner
Emm Gryner chronology
And Distrust It
The Original Leap Year

The Original Leap Year is the second album by Emm Gryner, released in 1997 on Gryner's independent Dead Daisy Records.

Gryner funded the album with prize money from Standard Broadcasting's National Songwriting Competition. The album, which was credited as a thematic song cycle inspired by the zodiac, attracted significant media attention in Canada, and Gryner was offered a major label deal with Mercury Records. She rerecorded some of the same songs for her 1998 major label debut Public, although that album also included several newer songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hello Aquarius"
  2. "This Mad"
  3. "The End"
  4. "Your Sort of Human Being"
  5. "Fetching Decay"
  6. "Hook Machine"
  7. "Wisdom Bus"
  8. "89 Days of Alcatraz"
  9. "Headline Girl"
  10. "July"
  11. "Big Day"
  12. "Doomsday"