The Other (short story)

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"The Other"
Author Jorge Luis Borges
Original title "El otro"
Country Argentina
Language Spanish
Series 12
Genre(s) Fantasy, short story
Published in The Book of Sand
Publisher Imprenta de Francisco A. Colombo, Buenos Aires
Media type Print
Publication date 1972

"The Other" (original Spanish title: "El otro") is a 1972 short story by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), collected in the anthology The Book of Sand (1975, English translation 1977).

Plot summary[edit]

A meeting between an older Borges and a younger Borges occurs in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the dialogue that results, the young man refers to the novella The Double: A Petersburg Poem by Dostoevsky. While the younger man cites his romantic vision about a brotherhood of man, the older Borges reveals his doubt about the existence of a single man. Following incorrect information that the first provides, elder Borges concludes that it is a real episode for him, but a dream for the younger.