The Other Half (2006 British film)

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The Other Half
The Other Half 2006.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Marlowe Fawcett
Richard Nockles
Produced by Marlowe Fawcett
Richard Nockles
Ali Goldstone
Tiffany Whittome
Written by Marlowe Fawcett
Richard Nockles
Starring Danny Dyer
Gillian Kearney
Jonathan Broke
Mark Lynch
Vinnie Jones
George Calil
Katie Comer
Tracy Miller
Kristin Lindquist
Cate Cohen
Distributed by Momentum Pictures
Release date
15 May 2006 (2006-05-15)
Running time
94 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Other Half is a 2006 British romantic comedy film written and directed by Marlowe Fawcett and Richard Nockles.

Plot summary[edit]

When cheeky chappy Mark Lamanuzzi (Danny Dyer) decides to surprise his new American bride Holly (Gillian Kearney) with a trip to Portugal, she can't believe her luck. Soon, the happy couple are enjoying the sights of Lisbon - but it turns out that the English football team are participating in a major tournament. English football fans seem to be following them everywhere they go. Surely football-obsessed Mark had no idea that the England team were playing? Before long, Mark is forced to decide what he loves most: his new wife or his beloved team?


  • Danny Dyer as Mark Lamanuzzi
  • Gillian Kearney as Holly Lamanuzzi
  • Jonathan Broke as John Smith-Jones
  • Mark Lynch as Alan O'Luan
  • Vinnie Jones as The Boss
  • George Calil as Alex
  • Katie Comer as Suzie
  • Tracy Miller as Jack Schaeffer
  • Kristin Lindquist as Christy Schaeffer
  • Cate Cohen as Husband Factory Agent

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