The Other Side of the Moon (album)

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For the anthology edited by August Derleth, see The Other Side of the Moon (anthology).
The Other Side of the Moon
Other side moon.jpg
Compilation album by The Cardigans
Released 5 December 1997
Recorded 1994-1997
Genre Pop rock, Alt-rock, Indie pop
Length 57:36
Label Stockholm
The Cardigans chronology
First Band on the Moon
The Other Side of the Moon
Gran Turismo
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Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link

The Other Side of the Moon is a compilation album by The Cardigans. It features B-sides and rarities that never made it onto the albums and were previously only available on singles. It was released only in Japan and Australia on 5 December 1997.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "War (First Try)" (Nina Persson, Peter Svensson) – 4:09 [from the single "My Favourite Game"]
  2. "I Figured Out" (Magnus Sveningsson, Svensson) – 2:05 [from the single "Black Letter Day"]
  3. "Plain Parade" (Sveningsson, Svensson) – 3:31 [from the single "Sick And Tired"]
  4. "Laika" (Svensson) – 1:20 [from the single "Sick And Tired"]
  5. "Pooh Song" (Alfheim, Lagerberg, Persson, Sveningsson, Svensson) – 3:15 [from the single "Sick And Tired"]
  6. "Mr. Crowley" (Ozzy Osbourne) – 2:35 [from the single "Carnival"]
  7. "Emmerdale" (Svensson) – 2:25 [from the single "Carnival"]
  8. "The Boys Are Back in Town" (Phil Lynott) – 4:04 [from the single "Hey! Get Out of My Way"]
  9. "Carnival (Puck Version)" (Persson, Sveningsson, Svensson) – 2:52 [from the single "Hey! Get Out of My Way"]
  10. "Nasty Sunny Beam" (Persson, Svensson) - 2:54 [from the single "Lovefool"]
  11. "Iron Man (First Try)" (Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Osbourne, Bill Ward) – 3:39 [from the single "Lovefool"]
  12. "Blah Blah Blah" (Persson, Svensson) – 3:00 [from the single "Been It"]
  13. "Losers (First Try)" (Persson, Svensson) - 3:16 [from the single "Been It"]
  14. "Country Hell" (Sveningsson, Svensson) - 2:47 [from the single "Your New Cuckoo"]
  15. "After All" (Sveningsson, Svensson) - 2:37 [from the single "Rise And Shine"]
  16. "Cocktail Party Bloody Cocktail Party" (Svensson) - 15:47 (a medley of songs from Life) [from the single "Rise And Shine" (re-release)]

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