The Other Woman (1995 film)

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The Other Woman
The Other Woman (1995 film).jpg
Written byNancey Silvers
Directed byGabrielle Beaumont
StarringJill Eikenberry
Laura Leighton
Lloyd Bridges
James Read
Sarah Martineck
Lindsay Parker
Rosemary Forsyth
Monica Parker
Michael Covert
Willy Parsons
Gloria Camden
David Jean Thomas
Michele Harrell
Frank von Zerneck Jr.
Theme music composerPeter Manning Robinson
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Robert M. Sertner
Frank von Zerneck
Randy Sutter
Nancey Silvers
Editor(s)Stephen Adrianson
Tod Feuerman
Running time89 minutes
Original releaseMarch 26, 1995

The Other Woman (also known as Mothers and Daughters), is a 1995 television film. Nancy Silvers was nominated for the Humanitas Prize in the "Prime Time 90 Minute" category for writing the film.


After Tessa Bryan (Jill Eikenberry) is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, she attempts to ensure that her two young daughters, Lara and Kate, accept her ex-husband Michael's second wife Carolyn. To do so, she takes them on a trip across the country to her father's ranch.

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