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The Other World was a line of toys by Arco Toys and was released in 1982. The figures were composed of bendable rubber and glow-in-the-dark weapons. Large creatures were used as beasts of burden or as villains.[1] The storyline for the figures pitted the good Terrans against the evil Glowgons. Arco Toys was a Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer owned by Herbert J. Rosenberg and Harold Rosenberg.[2]



  • Ronin
  • Ronin & Kreena
  • Raidy
  • General Ess Gee
  • Warrior Jurka
  • Kamaro
  • Gaifand


  • Zendo
  • Hondu
  • Skitzo
  • Weapon Master
  • Lava-Man
  • Froggacuda
  • Yurus
  • Antor
  • Sir'Cobra
  • Moc
  • Sharkoss
  • Kontory


  • Castle Zendo


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