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Others or The Others may refer to:


  • Others (A Song of Ice and Fire), supernatural creatures in the fictional world of George R. R. Martin's fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Others (Night Watch), a fictional group of people with supernatural abilities in Sergey Lukyanenko's Watches novel pentalogy
  • The Others (Vok), a character from the Beast Wars franchise
  • The Others, a group of allies of Aquaman in comics, introduced in 2012 and featured in a 2014 series
  • The Others, a series of alien extraterrestrial species from The 5th Wave novels and movie





  • Others (Lost), mysterious inhabitants of a strange island in the South Pacific in the television series Lost
  • The Others (TV series), a 2000 horror series
  • "The Others", a season 4 episode of the TV series Andromeda
  • The Others, the Ancients who have achieved Ascension in the Stargate universe

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