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The Outlets were a 1980s Boston rock band, consisting of David Alex Barton on vocals, his brother Rick Barton on lead guitar, Mike White on bass and Walter Gustafson on drums.


An acclaimed live band, The Outlets attained success in the greater Boston music scene but failed to gain national attention when they signed with Restless/Enigma in 1985, despite modest critical acclaim including a recommendation from Billboard. They are best known for the single "Knock Me Down", a regional hit. David Alex Barton reunited The Outlets in the late 1990s. The band reunited again in 2005. Barton's son, Charlie Alex-Barton, plays in the bands Call of Decency and Altitude Zero, bands which originated at the Fenn School. Alex-Barton also records under the stage name No Complaints.

Barton's brother, Rick went on to be a founding member of Dropkick Murphys, though he has subsequently left the group. He is currently on tour with his new band Everybody Out. Walter Gustafson's post-Outlets resume includes several tours drumming for Gang Green as well as stints with The Freeze, Smegma and The Nunz, Mallet Head, DAMM and Nervous Eaters. Today he plays with Mung and Con-Sole.

Barton boys' cousin, the Somerville, Massachusetts guitarist/songwriter, Bill Trudell, co-wrote many Outlets songs, and helped define The Outlets' early sound. Trudell released a collection of songs entitled Pleasure Package in June 2008.

Much of The Outlets back catalog now resides at Fervor Records.



  • Whole New World Restless/Enigma (1985)
  • I Remember (compilation) (1999)
  • The Outlets (2000) (new and re-recorded songs)
  • The Outlets Rock 1980 (2007) (new recordings of their 1980 setlist plus original 7" recordings: Best Friends, Bright Lights, Knock Me Down)
  • Bright Lights (2013) (EP)


  • Boy's Life vs. The Outlets (1980)
    • Split with Boys Life, features "Knock Me Down" and "You Told Me"
  • "Best Friends b/w Bright Lights" 7" (1981)
  • "Sheila" b/w "Valentine's Song" 7" (1985)
  • "If I Were the One" b/w "Can't Cheat the Reaper" 7" (1985)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • "3rd Floor" (from We Had a Wicked Good Time compilation) (1981)
  • "Not Too Late" (from Let's Breed! compilation) (1984)
  • "Tilted Track" (from Restless Variations compilation) (1986)
  • "Eddie" (from A Fistful of Hits compilation) (1987)
  • "Knock Me Down" (from DIY: Mass. Ave. - The Boston Scene compilation) (1993)
  • "Eddie" (live) & "Wait" (live) (from Ive Got My Friends compilation) (1996)[1]

TV and Film[edit]

Artist Song Title Program Type Source/Channel Episode Air Date
The Outlets "No Fun" The Carrie Diaries TV The CW 209 1/3/2014
Unorthodox Film Student Film na 11/10/2013
Halt & Catch Fire TV AMC 306 9/20/2016
"I'm a Mess" The Carrie Diaries TV The CW 209 1/3/2014
The Hallow Film Independent na 1/25/2015
"Bright Lights" The Carrie Diaries TV The CW 205 11/22/2013
The Carrie Diaries TV The CW 201 10/25/2013
"Never Get Older" Halt & Catch Fire TV AMC 304 9/6/2016
"Wait" Halt & Catch Fire TV AMC 307 9/27/2016



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