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Cover of The Outlook, July 1, 1893

The Outlook (1870–1935) was a weekly magazine, published in New York City.

Publication history[edit]

The Christian Union (1870–1893)[edit]

The Outlook began publication January 1, 1870, as The Christian Union (1870–1893).

The Outlook (1893–1928)[edit]

The magazine was titled The Outlook from 1893 to 1928,[1]:422 reflecting a shift of focus from religious subjects to social and political issues.[2]

In 1900, the ranking weekly magazines of news and opinion were The Independent (1870), The Nation (1865), The Outlook (1870), and, with a different emphasis, The Literary Digest (1890).[3]

The Outlook and Independent (1928–1932)[edit]

In 1928 The Independent was merged with The Outlook to form The Outlook and Independent.[4]

The New Outlook (1932–1935)[edit]

From 1932 to 1935 the magazine was published as The New Outlook. Its last issue was dated June 1935.[1]:422

Notable contributors[edit]


A collection of poetry from The Outlook, Scribner's Magazine, Harper's Magazine, and The Century Magazine was published in 1913.[10] The complete run from July 1, 1893 to June 1935 is online.[11]

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