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The Owl
The Owl Title card.jpg
The Owl title card
Created byAlexandre So
Directed byAlexandre So
Theme music composerLow Entertainment
Opening theme"Opening"
Ending theme"Ending"
Country of originFrance
Original language(s)Not language specific
No. of series1
No. of episodes52 (list of episodes)
Producer(s)Studio Hari
France Télévisions
Running time1.05 minutes
DistributorNBCUniversal Television Distribution (on behalf of DreamWorks Classics)
France Télévisions Distribution
Original networkFrance 3 (France)
Italia 1 (Italy)
TVE (Spain)
Teletoon+ (Poland)
YTV (TV channel) (Canada)
Audio formatStereo
Original release2006 - 2007 (France 3), 2006 –
present (CBBC)
Followed byThe Owl & Co

The Owl, also known as La Chouette in French,[2] is a series of short CGI-animated episodes for children's television. The series features the eponymous Owl, pink in color, and with blue feet that "float" below his body. Each of the minute-long fifty-two episodes centers on the Owl attempting to overcome unfortunate circumstances (sometimes created by his negative attitude and antisocial behavior), but end in his demise by his various appendages and body being dispensed of in unusual or comical ways. The series also feature a surrealistic world with floating objects, exploding apples and etc.

List of episodes[edit]

  1. Windy
  2. The Ant
  3. Bubbles
  4. The Woodpecker
  5. The Lightning
  6. Roller Coaster
  7. Bat Owl
  8. The Pigeons
  9. Apple Storm
  10. Gluttony
  11. The Sticky Caterpillar
  12. The Stork
  13. The Race
  14. Squirrel Thief
  15. Puppets
  16. The Tyre Swing
  17. The Bees
  18. Badminton
  19. Spider Time
  20. The Magpie
  21. Christmas Small Boxes
  22. Trampoline
  23. Surveillance
  24. Space Owl
  25. The Kite
  26. Break Dance
  27. Chewing Gum
  28. The Sloth
  29. Boomerang
  30. Master Crow
  31. Sheep
  32. The Bugging Parrot
  33. The Cardinal
  34. The Mosquito
  35. The Xhaolin Frog
  36. Monkey Musician
  37. The Dung Beetle
  38. The Pinball
  39. The Fireflies
  40. The Elevator
  41. The Prop Tree
  42. Chameleon
  43. Ball Trap
  44. Child's Play
  45. Living Nature
  46. The Dream
  47. The Fly
  48. Flying Saucer
  49. Christmas Present
  50. The Giraffe
  51. Fireworks
  52. The Party

Specials (French only)[edit]

  1. Extra: Concert for Owl and Orchestra (2011)
  2. Extra: Christmas in Knock (2010)
  3. Extra: Kermesse in Branches (2011)
  4. Extra: The Carnival Queen (2011)


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