The Owl in the Attic and Other Perplexities

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The Owl in the Attic and Other Perplexities
First edition
Author James Thurber
Illustrator James Thurber
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher Harper and Brothers
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 151
OCLC 504043017

The Owl in the Attic and Other Perplexities is a book by James Thurber first published in 1931 by Harper and Brothers.[1] It collects a number of short humorous pieces, most of which had appeared in The New Yorker,[2] and an introduction by E. B. White.


Part One: Mr and Mrs Monroe[edit]

A number of short stories featuring the Mr and Mrs Monroe and which contain many autobiographical elements[3]

Part Two: The Pet Department[edit]

"Inspired by the daily pet column in the New York Evening Post" and consisting of a number of short question and answers, each illustrated by a Thurber drawing.

Part Three: Ladies and Gentlemen's Guide to Modern English Usage[edit]

"Inspired by Mr. H. W. Fowler's A Dictionary of Modern English Usage"