The Oxford Ibsen

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Henrik Ibsen, after photography by Daniel Georg Nyblin from 1863. Here in a xylographic reproduction by the Dane Hans Peter Hansen, 1888.

The Oxford Ibsen is to date the most authorized, English translation of the playwright Henrik Ibsen's collected works. It is an important edition as the releases of Henrik Ibsen's plays usually are translated into third languages through The Oxford Ibsen, and rather seldom from the original Norwegian or Scandinavian basic texts.

In advantage the translations could have been far better, but it is probably the best - and certainly the most complete - which exists in any foreign languages. Here are also some drafts and preparations, and each and every drama has got an instructive foreword that also informs about first performances on stage, interpretation and reception. The Oxford issue is still missing the articles, reviews, speeches, correspondence and the poetry of Henrik Ibsen.