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The Palace of Illusions: A Novel is a 2008 novel by award-winning novelist and poet Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. It was released by Picador.

The novel is a rendition of the Hindu epic Mahabharata as told from Draupadi's (Panchaali's) viewpoint, namely, that of a woman living in a patriarchal world. As Booklist summarizes the plot, "Smart, resilient, and courageous Panchaali, born of fire, marries all five of the famously heroic Pandava brothers, harbors a secret love, endures a long exile in the wilderness, instigates a catastrophic war, and slowly learns the truth about Krishna, her mysterious friend."[1]

Chapters of the book are following:-

1)     Fire

2)     Blue

3)     Milk

4)     Cosmology

5)     Smoke

6)     Incarnations

7)     Fish

8)     Sorceress

9)     Portrait

10)  Births

11)  Scorpion

12)  Song

13)  Scar

14)  Brinjal

15)  Lac

16)  Boon

17)  Grandfather

18)  River

19)  Palace

20)  Wives

21)  Afterlife

22)  Discus

23)  Lake

24)  Games

25)  Sari

26)  Rice

27)  Tales

28)  Lotus

29)  Visitations

30)  Disguise

31)  Preparation

32)  Field

33)  Right

34)  Secrets

35)  Avalanche

36)  Wheel

37)  Owl

38)  Pyre

39)  Ash

40)  Snake

41)  Reed

42)  Snow

43)  Fire


  • "'s really intriguing to find a book that deals differently with Draupadi - not a Manushi article or a Gender Studies tract on 'Mythical Women and Agency', but a proper story, like Vyasa's epic, where Draupadi begins. ... The 'mysterious woman' style of narration is unmistakably Divakaruni's." Renuka Narayanan, Hindustan Times[2]
  • "Is Divakaruni's novel a usefully accessible version of a remote cultural artifact, or a case of forcing a remarkable quart into a conventional pint pot?" Elsbeth Lindner, San Francisco Chronicle[3]
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