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The former St Luke's Church of England, Brisbane, in Charlotte Street, Brisbane, Australia, is now a privately owned restaurant known as The Pancake Manor and is heritage listed.[1]


The building was designed by architect John Smith Murdoch in 1903 and built in 1904 on land purchased by the Church of England for a new mission church. It was known as St. Luke's Church of England [1] and housed the congregation during 1904-1910 – the period of reconstruction of the St. John's Cathedral in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. The Cathedral was dedicated on 14 August 1904 by the Venerable A E David, Archdeacon of Brisbane and on 21 December 1904, Saint Clair George Alfred Donaldson was enthroned as the Bishop of Brisbane in this cathedral. From 1910 until the 1950s it was used for its original purpose as the headquarters of the Church of England Mission, who had, until then, rented rooms around Brisbane. The mission, while based here, worked amongst the underprivileged people of Brisbane, providing food and shelter for the destitute, and saving young girls from moral degradation. During this period it housed many clubs including the Newspaper Boys Club, the overseas girls club, and in 1917, an ANZAC Club. The building provided a meeting place for these groups in its basement rooms, and a place for recreational gatherings in its upper cathedral. From the 1950s until 1977 it was no longer used as Mission headquarters, but remained the meeting place for the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, and for World War I and World War II veterans.[1]


The building is Romanesque in style and is dominated by a massive relieving archway with vertical openings at the end of the chancels. It has a small octagonal entry tower and a complicated roofed with hips and gables. The brick work is punctuated by the odd stone and colored brick bands and the roofing is rolled iron. The building has two separate entrances leading to both levels.[1]


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