The Pancakes

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The Pancakes
Origin Hong Kong
Occupation Singer-songwriter, musician
Genre(s) Twee pop, Hong Kong English pop, Cantopop
Instrument(s) Vocal, Guitar, Melodica, Keyboard
Label(s) Rewind Records
Elefant Records (2001)
Years active fl. ca. 2000–present

The Pancakes is a Hong Kong–based one-girl band consisting of independent singer-songwriter Dejay Choi. The music of the Pancakes is characterised by Dejay's very innocent, almost childlike voice with bright and catchy melodies. Most of the Pancakes' songs have English lyrics, unlike the majority of Hong Kong pop music, where Cantonese is the norm.


Dejay Choi, the sole member of the band, graduated from the University of Hong Kong majoring in translation. She worked in the library of the Goethe-Institut Hong Kong (the German cultural centre in Hong Kong) prior taking up the profession as a singer-songwriter. Choi participated in several independent bands before founding the Pancakes, such as the Postcard (in 1996, a three-member band), Ginger Biscuits (in 1997, a solo act) and Tricycle Rider (in 1999, also with three members).

Her real Chinese name is unknown to the public, although appears as 蔡明麗 (coi3 ming4 lai6 in Jyutping) on her 2011 Cantonese album 腦殘遊記.[1]

Choi handles almost everything by herself in the production of her albums, from musical composition, lyrics writing, instruments performance, singing, recording to production, etc. Dejay plays the guitar and keyboard. Furthermore, Dejay has also founded her own record label, Rewind Records, which handles the management and promotion for the Pancakes.

Her song, gum gum gum (Chinese: 咁咁咁, literally "like this, like this, like this"), written for the film McDull, Prince de la Bun won "Best Original Film Song"[2]at the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards.[3]




Collaborated album

Album released under Elefant Records

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Hong Kong


  • Kia Motors Motors, 2007, tell me the truth before one of us dies ( from the album stereo radio/right) were used on the advertisement "cee'd sporty wagon Spot". View the advertisements here.


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