The Park Is Mine (concert film)

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The Park Is Mine
The park is mine.jpg
Video by Pulp
Released November 1998
Recorded 25 July 1998
Venue Finsbury Park, London
Genre Britpop
Length 89 mins

The Park Is Mine is a live concert video released by Pulp in November 1998, following the release of their album This Is Hardcore. It was recorded at Finsbury Park, London on 25 July 1998. The whole concert was later included on the Ultimate Live DVD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Fear" (the complete and utter breakdown version)
  2. "Do You Remember the First Time?"
  3. "Dishes"
  4. "Seductive Barry"
  5. "Sorted for E's & Wizz"
  6. "TV Movie"
  7. "A Little Soul"
  8. "Party Hard"
  9. "Help The Aged"
  10. "Sylvia"
  11. "This Is Hardcore"
  12. "Glory Days"
  13. "Common People"
  14. "Laughing Boy"
  15. "Something Changed"


The song "I'm a Man" was performed between "Do You Remember The First Time?" and "Dishes", but was edited out of the footage at Jarvis Cocker's request, as he didn't feel it was 'up to scratch'.


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