The Parties (band)

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The Parties
Background information
Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Genres Rock
Years active 2006 – present
Members Rob Uytingco, Jeremy Powers, Adam Symons,

The Parties is an American psych rock group based in San Francisco, CA.

The Parties brand of powerpop harkens back to the classic era of melodic song writing popularized by such bands as The Byrds, The Beatles, The Zombies, The Who and The Beach Boys, as well as bands involved in the '80s Paisley Underground scene and the '90s shoegaze phenom. The Parties have received accolades from such national publications as Uncut Magazine, Allmusic and Amplifier Magazine. They have played both the International Pop Overthrow Festival and New York's CMJ and Austin's SXSW, and they have shared the stage with The Shore, Sky Parade, The New Fidelity, The Waking Hours, Prabir and The Substitutes, The High Dials, and The Parson Redheads.


The Parties were formed in 2004 by Red Planet alum Jeremy Powers and Richmond, VA songwriter, drummer John L. Morgan IV with a joint love for all things Lennon-McCartney. The two soon hooked up with bassist Rex Padayhag, who grew up in the Philippines playing with various bands on the Manila Psychedelic Pop circuit, and Oakland guitarist Sarah Melfeld.

Three Ring Circus[edit]

Three Ring Circus Records saw the band in Sacramento multiple times and asked to put out the EP (in digital format only) that the boys had already recorded themselves and that they had been selling at shows. They agreed to this but wanted more exposure and press. A letter was written to Rainbow Quartz records, demos were sent, and the band had a new deal.

Rainbow Quartz Records[edit]

After sending demos to Jim McGarry at Rainbow Quartz records, The Parties landed a recording contract and finished up a handful of demos for their debut length LP.

Track listing:

  • 1. Love for Sale-Jmorgan lead vox
  • 2. Breaking Hearts-JPowers lead vox
  • 3. Cold Life-Rex Padayhag-lead vox
  • 4. Yours and Mine-JPowers-lead vox
  • 5. The Parties-JPowers-lead vox
  • 6. Radio-Jmorgan-lead vox
  • 7. Velvet Love Affair-Rex Padayhag-lead vox
  • 8. Waterfall-Rex Padayhag-lead vox
  • 9. Gotta Get Out-JPowers-lead vox
  • 10. Damned by the Sunshine-JPowers-lead vox
  • 11. Much Better-Jmorgan lead vox
  • Personnel:

Sarah Mehlfield-guitar John Morgan-drums Rex Rex Padayhag-bass Jeremy Powers-guitar

"Cryin' Shame" EP[edit]

This EP was released in 2009. Originally planned as a full length, Morgan left the band for his home state of VA, so the guys were left with a handful of songs and decided to go with an EP. Rob Uytingco thereafter replaced Morgan. Released November, 2009 on Rainbow Quartz Track listing

  • 1. Cryin' Shame
  • 2. I Disagree
  • 3. Kensington Avenue
  • 4. Blame it on the Sun
  • 5. She's Gone Away

"Coast Garde" CD[edit]

Coast Garde was the band's second full length with Rainbow Quartz and first with the new line-up with Rob Uytingco. The release was followed by multiple shows, but press was mixed, and ultimately Rex Padayhag, who truly had been the glue in the band as a lead and harmony singer and by playing bass, vocals, organ, and piano decided to leave.

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Related acts[edit]


  • EP, The Parties (Self Released, 2006) Out of Print
  • EP, The Parties, (digital release only-Three Ring Records, 2006)
  • CD Can't Come Down (Rainbow Quartz, 2008)
  • "EP, Cryin' Shame" (Rainbow Quartz, November, 2009)
  • CD "Coast Garde" (Rainbow Quartz, November, 2010)

Current members[edit]

Jeremy Powers - guitar, vocals
Adam Symons - guitar, vocals
Rob Uytingco - drums

Past members[edit]

Sara Melfeld - guitar, vocals
John L. Morgan IV - drums, vocals

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