The Party Line (books)

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The Party Line
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Author Janice Boies (as Carrie Austen)
Country United States
Language English
Genre Young Adult
Publisher Berkley Publishing Group
Published 1990-1991
Media type Print (Paperback)

The Party Line is series of books by Carrie Austen, dedicated specially to teenage girls. Several covers were painted by illustrator Mike Wimmer.


The books tell school adventures of four 13-year-old girls, Julie Berger, Rosie Torres, Becky Bartlett and Allie Grey, who have their own "company" organizing birthday parties for kids.

Party Line books[edit]

  1. Allie's Wild Surprise
  2. Julie's Boy Problem
  3. Becky's Super Secret
  4. Rosie's Popularity Plan
  5. Allie's Big Break
  6. Julie's Dream Date
  7. Becky Bartlett Superstar
  8. Rosie's Mystery on Ice
  9. Allie's Pizza Pool Party
  10. Julie's Outrageous Idea
  11. Becky Rides Again
  12. Rosie's Fashion Show

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