The Party Zone

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The Party Zone
PartyZone pinball.jpg
Captain B. Zarr is the centre figurehead of The Party Zone
Manufacturer Midway
Release date August 1991[1][2]
System Williams WPC (Dot Matrix)
Players 1-4
Design Dennis Nordman[3]
Programming Jim Strompolis[4]
Artwork Greg Freres
Mechanics Zaofia Bil, Win Schilling
Music Dan Forden[5]
Sound Dan Forden
Theme Happiness
Marketing Slogan

"You are now entering: The Party Zone"

"Big Bang, Big Bucks!"

The Party Zone is a solid-state pinball machine released in 1991 by Midway (under Bally) designed by Dennis Nordman and programmed by Jim Strompolis. It is in a single playfield format and collaborates characters from previous pinball machines. It is the second pinball machine released after the Bally-Midway division was sold, yet still operated under the "Bally" name.[6]

Back Glass[edit]

The backglass as well as the playfield contain characters from previous games (who all meet up on this game at the Cosmic Cottage):[7]


The Party Zone has received a total user rating of 7.490 on a scale of 10 and currently ranks #97 in the "Pinside Ranking".[8] One reviewer noted:

Almost criminally underrated because of its theme. Great ramp, lots to shoot for, funny sounds and animations, and great comedic art from Greg Freres. Major knock is only a two ball multiball, and its linear ruleset gets a little old for repeat plays, but for a fun and casual game it totally rocks!

— guymontag451, pinside

The knowledgeable staff and moderators of pinside have provided a rating of 8.317 out of 10, somewhat varying from the opinions of the public reviewers.

The Internet Pinball Database reviews of The Party Zone are divided into the categories: art, audio, playfield and gameplay. The average user rating given is 7.8/10. Individual ratings for the characters are 8.0/10 for art; 7.7/10 for audio; 7.9/10 for playfield and 7.8/10 for gameplay. 47% of users who reviewed the game gave it a rating of 9/10".[9] One user made this comment:

The Party Zone is a gem. A fantastic audio and visual pinball ride. Its unique and comical theme, coupled with a colorful, well-crafted and designed playing field, make 'The Party Zone' by Bally such an irresistible pinball machine.

— Laser Beam (Rating 9.8/10), ipdb

Digital Version[edit]

This game was released by FarSight Studios as licensed table for The Pinball Arcade as the 32nd Table Pack, with the exclusion of the songs "Come fly with me" and "Purple Haze" due to license issues, notably, when a player scores the "Big Bang", the soundtrack plays "Pinball Wizard".


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