The Path of Daggers

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The Path of Daggers
WoT08 ThePathOfDaggers.jpg
Original cover of The Path of Daggers, showing Rand al'Thor leading his forces into battle
AuthorRobert Jordan
Cover artistDarrell K. Sweet
CountryUnited States
SeriesThe Wheel of Time
PublisherTor Books (U.S.) &
Orbit (UK)
Publication date
October 20, 1998
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages687 (U.S. paperback edition) &
604 (U.S. hardback edition) &
608 pp (UK hardback edition)
ISBN0-312-85769-1 (U.S. hardback edition)
& ISBN 1-85723-554-1 (UK hardback edition)
813/.54 21
LC ClassPS3560.O7617 P38 1998
Preceded byA Crown of Swords 
Followed byWinter's Heart 

The Path of Daggers is a fantasy novel by American author Robert Jordan, the eighth book of his series The Wheel of Time. It was published by Tor Books and released on October 20, 1998. Upon its release, it immediately rose to the #1 position on the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list, making it the first Wheel of Time book to reach the #1 position on that list. It remained on the list for the next two months. This book is the shortest book in the main Wheel of Time series, consisting of a prologue and 31 chapters.

The title of the book is a reference to a Seanchan saying: "On the heights, all paths are paved with daggers."

Plot summary[edit]

Elayne Trakand, Nynaeve al'Meara, Aviendha, and their coalition of channelers use the ter'angreal called the 'Bowl of the Winds' to reverse the unnatural heat brought by the Dark One's manipulation of the climate, and then escape a Seanchan invasion by Traveling to Andor, where Elayne initiates her claim to the throne.

Perrin Aybara moves into Ghealdan to stop Masema Dagar, the self-proclaimed Prophet of the Dragon; but unknowingly rescues the deposed Queen Morgase of Andor from the Prophet's men. He then secures the oath of fealty from Alliandre, Queen of Ghealdan. At the end of the book, Faile Bashere is kidnapped by the Shaido Aiel. Egwene al'Vere, Amyrlin Seat of the rebel Aes Sedai, manipulates her unruly followers into giving her more control, and they Travel to Tar Valon, before their siege of its White Tower.

Rand al'Thor, with Asha'man and Illianers, attempts to repel the Seanchan invasion in Altara. Though successful in early skirmishes, Rand loses control while wielding his sa'angreal 'Callandor', forcing a stalemate. Returning to Cairhien, Rand is attacked by traitorous Asha'man led by Dashiva, who fail to kill him. Mat Cauthon is absent from the book, due to injuries sustained at the end of the previous book, A Crown of Swords. Robert Jordan had earlier done the same for Perrin Aybara, who had been absent from Book 5, The Fires of Heaven.

Release details[edit]

  • 1998, U.S., Tor Books (ISBN 0-312-85769-1), Pub date October 20, 1998, hardcover (First edition)
  • 1998, UK, Orbit (ISBN 1-85723-554-1), Pub date October 29, 1998, hardcover
  • 1999, UK, Orbit (ISBN 1-85723-569-X), Pub date September 2, 1999, paperback
  • 1999, U.S., Tor Books (ISBN 0-8125-5029-3), Pub date December ?, 1999, paperback
  • 1999, U.S., Rebound by Sagebrush (ISBN 0-613-22158-3), Pub date December ?, 1999, hardcover (Library binding)

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