The Patient

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"The Patient"
Miracles episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 3
Directed byMichael Ray Rhodes
Written byDavid Greenwalt
Production code107
Original air dateFebruary 10, 2003
Guest appearance(s)

Clarence Williams III as Dr. Bauer
Gina Ravera as Raina Bauer
Jade Carter as Sherwood Nichols/"Mr. Friendly"

Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Friendly Skies"
Next →
"Little Miss Lost"

"The Patient" is the third episode of the television series Miracles. It was the seventh episode produced. Its only U.S. airing was on February 10, 2003, and first aired in Canada on October 17, 2003 on VisionTV.

This episode deals with saints and angels, and also with the brain disorder Sakovsky's syndrome.


Paul becomes attracted to Raina Bauer, the sharp and beautiful daughter of a brilliant, workaholic scientist. He goes out on his first date in a very long time and struggles with his desire for something resembling a normal life. Raina asks Paul to help her father, who is researching the cure of a rare disease and is experiencing something paranormal with one of his patients. Her father is a man who believes only in the scientific and the "actual" and he can find no explanation for the fact that one of his most unresponsive patients suddenly begins communicating and giving him the exact scientific answers he has been seeking for the past two years. Paul and Keel determine that the patient has in fact been possessed by an evil entity and this mysterious entity somehow knows an awful lot about Paul and Keel. It manipulates the scientist and tries to get him to overdose the other patients, but Keel manages to banish the entity before anyone is killed. Just after Paul has said goodbye to Raina, who must return to her home in "California", he finds out that she has actually been dead for two years. She died of the very disease her father has been working so hard to cure. Although he has lost her, meeting Raina has helped Paul to see that there is more than just darkness on the other side.


Guest stars
  • Little Boy — Brian Ryan
  • Stu — John Cabrera
  • Laurel — Alyson Craft
  • Nurse Julia — Mary Wickliffe
  • Raina Bauer — Gina Ravera
  • Sherwood Nichols/"Mr. Friendly" — Jade Carter
  • Dr. Bauer — Clarence Williams III



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