The Pawns of Null-A

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The Pawns of Null-A
Cover of the first standalone edition (under alternative title)
Author A. E. van Vogt
Cover artist Ed Valigursky
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Ace Books (standalone)
Media type Print
Preceded by The World of Null-A
Followed by Null-A Three

The Pawns of Null-A is a 1956 science fiction novel by A. E. van Vogt originally published as a four-part serial in Astounding Stories from October 1948 to January 1949 (this leads to the mistaken idea that the book was published in 1948 due to the copyright notice). It incorporates concepts from the General semantics of Alfred Korzybski and refers to non-Aristotelian logic. It was published in the UK under the name The Players of Null-A.

The novel is a continuation of the story of Gilbert Gosseyn from The World of Null-A expanding on the galactic events which drove the interplanetary events of the earlier story.

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