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The Paz Show
Created byMary Murphy
StarringTim Lagasse
Rebecca Nagan
Anton Rodgers
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes80
Running time8 minutes (regular)
5 minutes (without live action segments)
Production company(s)Telescreen BV
Egmont Imagination
King Rollo Films
Open Mind Productions
Original networkITV1 (CITV)
Original releaseFebruary 24, 2003

Paz, also known as The Paz Show or Paz the Penguin, is an animated television series that debuted on February 24, 2003 on Discovery Kids and TLC in the United States. It also aired on Treehouse TV in Canada, and on ITV in the United Kingdom. The show was produced by Telescreen BV, Egmont Imagination, King Rollo Films and Open Mind Productions The series was based on a series of books written and illustrated by Mary Murphy.



  1. "THE RIGHT MOVES": Pig teaches a dance class with surprising results. Sometimes mistakes are the best part! At first, Pig worries that she is a bad dance teacher. But, she realizes that her friend’s mistakes are not her fault and that mistakes can be the most interesting part of the dance.
  2. "BIG TOP": Paz and Pig go to the circus where they end up saving the day and becoming the stars of the circus.
  3. "THE SEESAW": Big Penguin builds Paz a seesaw in the yard. When Pig and Dog come over, the three of them have to figure out how three friends can seesaw. The friends are confident they can work things out. They experiment with weight until they find a way to make the seesaw work.
  4. "THE KITE FLIGHT": Paz has a new kite but can`t figure out how to make it fly. He enlists the help of his friends. Paz is sure he can make the kite fly and brainstorms with his friends. He observes a simple physics demonstration and this helps him make the kite fly.
  5. "ON THE ICE": Paz loves playing in the snow and ice; Pig and Rabbit would rather go inside and warm up. Paz has to deal with his impatience.
  6. "TOO LITTLE": Paz has a new toy airplane and when it gets stuck on a high shelf, he wishes he could be bigger. He brainstorms how to get the airplane down.
  7. "HERE WE GO!": Paz is sledding in the snow by himself and wishes he has someone to play with... when he sleds down the other side of the hill he sleds into his fantasy of the South Pole – where he meets a new friend, a penguin named Adelie to play with.
  8. "PAZ GETS A JOB": Paz and Big Penguin switch places for a day and Paz learns that the best job of all is being Little Penguin. Paz and BP enjoy each other's company as Paz discovers things about himself.
  9. "I'M NOT TIRED": Paz doesn't want to admit that he's feeling grumpy – and finds out the hard way that he's really tired. Paz is overtired and grumpy. With BP's support, he learns how to manage his bad mood and to accept that no one feels happy all the time.
  10. "THE TREASURE": MAP Paz and co. are pirates on the hunt for buried treasure. Despite complicated directions, Paz and his friends are confident they will find the treasure. They learn about following directions and right/left orientation in the process.
  11. "THE RED SCOOTER": Pappy teaches Paz how to ride his scooter, and then gives it to Paz as a gift. Scootering is more difficult than it looks. Rather than giving up, Paz resets his goals and learns to ride, one step at a time.
  12. "FEATHERED FRIENDS": A simple game of "Simon Says" painfully reveals to Paz how he's physically different from his friends
  13. "SPIDERS": Pig's fear of spiders is the backdrop that gives Paz an opportunity to show Pig that there are positive ways to deal with things we`re afraid of, and that kindness to all things – even spiders – is important.
  14. "SPRING HAS SPRUNG": Paz picks a big bunch of flowers to give to Big Penguin, but on his way home he gives away most of the flowers to his friends. When he gets home he only has one droopy flower left – and Big Penguin thinks it's the most perfect flower she's ever seen.
  15. "THE MEMORY JEWEL": Paz finds an old glass doorknob and remembering something Pappy had told him, decides it must be magic – which takes him on a fantastical journey. In his journey, he remembers days that meant a lot to him. What these days all have in common is that he is surrounded by loved ones.
  16. "SEAWORTHY": At the beach, Paz and Pig helps Dog deal with his real fear of putting his face in the water. With his friend's help, Dog learns to take incremental steps until he overcomes this fear.
  17. "THE BIG EGG": Paz, Pig, Rabbit, and Dog playing in mud puddles, find a mysterious object that they decide is a Dinosaur Egg. The friends need to figure out how to move the heavy object and they learn something about working together in the process.
  18. "HOPPING MAD": Paz, Rabbit, and Pig are playing hop-frog, while Rabbit shows off, and Pig is a bad sport. Paz tries to be the peacekeeper but everybody gets mad at each other. Pig and Rabbit try to express their feelings without attacking each other.
  19. "THE BIG BOX": Paz and Rabbit have previously agreed to play race cars – but Paz has found an empty cardboard box and wants Rabbit to join him in a game of pretend, using the box as many different things. Rabbit still wants to play race cars.
  20. "BRAVE OLD WORLD": Paz, Rabbit, and Dog entertain themselves on a hot summer day by spinning a great story about a penguin explorer who discovers an island. They exercise their imaginations by telling a story about explorers whose navigation mistake leads to a beautiful discovery. In the process, they explore competition and negotiation as well.
  21. "LET`S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF": Pig likes purple; Paz likes pink. Paz and Pig can`t agree on anything—except the fact that they can`t agree on anything. Despite their differences, Paz and Pig are confident they can work things out. They do, and in the process they realize their differences make their friendship richer.
  22. "ONE`S COMPANY": Paz has his backpack packed and goes off to find adventure with his friends... but everyone is busy doing something else and Paz feels lonely and left out. And then he has an adventure on his own... When his friends are busy, Paz feels lonely and left out. He wonders if this means his friends don't want to play with him anymore. He learns not to take it personally and to entertain himself in the interim.
  23. "THE PLAY'S THE THING": Paz is putting on a play with his friends and Rabbit gets scared, flubs her lines, and has to deal with her embarrassment. Paz comes up with a great idea how Rabbit can still be important to the play. When the friends put on a play, Rabbit gets stage fright. She deals with both this problem and her embarrassment
  24. "THE CASE OF THE MISSING VOICE": Through a silly game of charades, Paz, Dog, and Rabbit learn that Pig has a cold and has lost her voice. Rather than not play with her, Paz and friends engage Pig in a fantasy game where they are detectives searching for Pig's missing voice.
  25. "IN THE DARK": Rabbit is staying overnight with Paz, and they get the great idea to stay up all night long..
  26. "FOOD FOR THOUGHT": Paz and co. fought about how disgusting their blueberry muffins taste. They end up being honest, but go through some amusing antics to get there.
  27. "THE BAND WAGON": Paz and co. form a band... at first they don't make beautiful music together because Rabbit is loud and selfish. Paz, Pig, and Dog have to figure out how to make Rabbit understand how they feel. They succeed and work well together in the end.
  28. "AM I BLUE?": On a rainy day, Paz and Big Penguin stay inside and explore what it means to feel "blue" which leads to how other colors feel. Mad red. Green with envy. Passionate purple. Warm and bright yellow. Just like a rainbow.
  29. "MY SENSES": Paz helping Pappy find his misplaced eyeglasses turns into a surprising adventure using the five senses.
  30. "SICK IN BED": Paz wakes up excited because today is the day they're going to see migrating whales! But Big Penguin is still in bed – and she's sick. Paz tries everything to try to make Big Penguin feel better and finally ends up telling her a story about whales.
  31. "THE STARRY NIGHT": Paz and Pappy on a summer night... go to the moon and dance with the constellations. Best of all – they see the Earth which looks like the most beautiful place of all.
  32. "MEMORIES": Paz wants to make breakfast for Big Penguin on Mother's Day. The results aren't exactly what he had in mind... Making breakfast is more difficult than Paz imagined and he has to persevere through many mistakes.
  33. "FUN WITH PAPPY": Rummaging around Pappy's garage, Paz comes across a set of dusty old books. Pappy is amazed to rediscover one of the books called "How to Have Fun With Pappy" – because it had been a gift from Pappy's own grandfather when Pappy was a little penguin. Not only do they make a connection between Pappy's grandfather being a writer like Paz, but Pappy continues the tradition of grandfather passing down the book and gives it to Paz.
  34. "THE LAST DANCE": Paz's imagination and inventiveness transforms a gray day to a sunny day. Using the simple shape of a circle, he creates a bright yellow sun, an orange hula-hoop, a blue pool of water, black sunglasses, a pink inner tube, ice cream cone, and the moon. This episode celebrates Paz's creativity and resourcefulness.
  35. "GO WEST, YOUNG PENGUIN!": Playing baseball, Pig hits a home run, and the ball disappears into the woods. Paz, Pig, and Dog tried to find the ball, and realize they don't know the way out, they're lost. They try different ways to find their way back before they remember something that Pappy taught the kids that the sun always sets in the west. Using the sun as their guide, they help find their way out of the woods.
  36. "A MILLION": Paz wants to count to a million – and spends the entire episode trying to do it! From setting the table to eating dinner to taking a bath to bedtime...Paz makes it all the way to a hundred and is determined to count to a million tomorrow.
  37. "RULES": Pig is going rollerskating with Paz and Dog, and she imposes rules on everything they do. Pig figures out that she's using unfair rules to cover up the fact that she`s not a very good skater.
  38. "PAPPY'S BOOK": Paz helps Pappy in the garage and decides that Pappy's adventure stories should be in a book so he makes one! After making/writing/reading the book about "Pappy the Explorer who was the greatest penguin explorer in the world"—Paz decides that next he'll write a book about his OWN adventures.
  39. "WHERE DID THE OTHER HALF OF THE MOON GO?": Paz and Pig have built a spaceship in Pappy's garage, and when it doesn't blast off Paz invites Pig to use her imagination for a trip to the moon.
  40. "A WORLD OF FRIENDS": Pig, Rabbit, and Dog come over for a Valentine's Day party. Everyone exchanges valentines – but Paz has a surprise. His valentines are silly, funny made up poems that he recites to each friend. The friends create a spontaneous poem in honor of Paz, and Big Penguin tops it all off with a tongue twister about why Paz is her Valentine.
  41. "THINGS CHANGE": Paz and Pappy find a dead baby bird whose nest had been destroyed by a storm. Confronted by the complex issues surrounding death, Paz struggles to understand what it all means. Pappy and Big Penguin offer gentle, safe support.
  42. "THE EGG HUNT": There's an egg hunt at Paz's house, and Rabbit really wants to win. When she sees that Paz and Pig have found more eggs, Rabbit steals some of their eggs and denies it when confronted. Finally, Rabbit confesses and admits that she did it because she didn`t want to lose.
  43. "CITYSCAPE": Big Penguin is trying to finish a design project and is frustrated because she can't figure out the right shape. Paz offers to help and whisks Big Penguin with him into a fantasy where they find the right shape and complete Big Penguin's design project. Back from the fantasy, Big Penguin thanks Paz for reminding her that work can be fun.
  44. "THE BIRTHDAY TREE": It's Paz's birthday, and Big Penguin has created a scavenger hunt of clues for Paz to follow so that he can find his birthday present. The hunt eventually leads them outside, where Pappy and Paz's friends are waiting to surprise him in a tree house that Pappy built for the occasion. The celebration ends with all of them painting the tree house with wild, unique colors and images.
  45. "ALL ABOARD!": Paz invites his friends Pig, Rabbit, and Dog on a big train ride. Paz has to use his imagination to create this wonderful fantasy.
  46. "BIG PENGUIN`S BIRTHDAY": Paz and Dog can't figure out what to give Big Penguin for her birthday. With their help, they brainstorm on several ideas before Paz is inspired to create a scarecrow for the garden – a scarecrow made up of things associated with Big Penguin": pencils, rulers, apron, spoons, hand-drawn pictures, books, puppets, sunglasses, records, feather boa, etc. It's the best birthday present Big Penguin has ever received.
  47. "I AM ME!": Halloween story where Paz alienates his friends when gets bossy about what they should wear to his party. They arrive dressed as little penguins. Paz’s friends initially don’t want to attend the party because of his bossiness. He brainstorms what to do with BP.
  48. "I CAN'T SLEEP!": Paz has his first sleepover at Pappy's house. When it's time for bed, Paz discovers that the sounds and images aren't the same as what he's used to at home. Paz learns ways to manage his nighttime fears and he strengthens his bond with Pappy in the process.
  49. "THE TWO PUPPETEERS": Paz and Big Penguin make puppets to act out a story that Paz has made up about two dinosaurs. When Big Penguin suggests that Paz's ideas for the puppets might be a little too ambitious, Paz throws a tantrum and angrily rejects all help from Big Penguin. Parent and child eventually work together incorporating each other's ideas and perform the puppet show about friendship for Pappy.
  50. "THE GLOBE": Full of energy and looking for something fun to do, Paz and Dog go to visit Pappy. But Pappy's taking a nap so the two boys go into Pappy's garage full of mementos from around the world. Their enthusiasm gets out of hand and a globe becomes a soccer ball, which ends with Dog putting his head through the globe, and Pappy walking in to find the two guilty boys fighting over whose fault it was...
  51. "IN THE SNOW": Paz tries to solve the mystery of what made the trail in the snow. Despite many false starts, Paz is confident he can figure out what made the trail.
  52. "THE WINTER WISH": It's Winter Solstice and Paz can't wait for everyone to arrive for the traditional Winter Solstice Dinner! But a huge snowstorm has everyone snowed in, and it looks like the holiday is ruined. But Pappy surprises him by arriving in a reindeer-pulled sleigh with all of Paz's friends and they enjoy the best gift of the season": being with those you love.
  53. "EMPTY AND FULL": Paz and Rabbit find pith helmets in Pappy's garage and want to go exploring to places far away. Pappy leads them on a fun and surprising expedition to "The Land of Empty and Full"—which is really Pappy's kitchen. They work up big appetites on their great adventure and return home to fill up their empty tummies...
  54. "IN A HURRY!": Paz, Pig, Rabbit and Dog visit a local art museum (accompanied by Pappy). While the others are rushing from room to room, Dog takes his time looking at the art carefully and thoughtfully. When they finish, Pappy asks them which artworks was their favorite, and only Dog can remember anything about what they saw. With Dog as their guide, they go back through and gain not only an appreciation for going slower and a new understanding about how to appreciate art – but for Dog's thoughtfulness too.
  55. "ACCIDENTS HAPPEN": Paz, Pig, Dog and Rabbit are building a sandcastle at the beach when Dog accidentally kicks sand in Rabbit`s face. Pig is convinced that Dog did it on purpose, Pig and Dog refuse to play with each other anymore. Paz tries to get everyone to be friends again, and in the process stumbles and knocks down a part of the sandcastle. His accident allows them to understand what accidents are and how they happen and everyone becomes friends again.
  56. "SANDCASTLE TO THE SKY": Paz and Rabbit are building a sand castle that they hope will go all the way to the sky. But the waves keep getting closer and closer, until finally knocking over their sandcastle's tower. Rabbit immediately blames herself and Paz says it was nobody's fault—waves do that all the time. When they look at their fallen sand castle, now they see other shapes": a turtle, a house, even pancakes!
  57. "BIG SHOES": Paz finds a pair of big explorer shoes in Pappy's garage and asks if he can wear them. Pig and Dog are calmly painting a picture at Pig's house and aren't interested in Paz's big shoes. Paz tries to get their attention by waddling in a circle, by doing funny jumps in the air, and by singing a little made-up song about his shoes. But instead of entertaining his friends, Paz just annoys them – they`re really trying to paint. When Paz tries to join in on the painting, he accidentally knocks over a can of paint with his big shoes and ruins Dog and Pig's painting. This makes Pig angry and she tells Paz and his big shoes are annoying. When they try to paint a new picture, Paz finds himself getting annoyed by Dog who is blocking his view, and Paz realizes how they must have felt when he had annoyed them with his big shoes. Paz says he's sorry and they start painting a new picture together.
  58. "FRIENDS ARE CARROTS": Paz wants Rabbit to go tree climbing, but Rabbit has to stay home and help look after her little sister, Carrot. Paz agrees to stay and play in Rabbit's yard and they're joined by two-year old energetic Carrot who wants to play what the big kids are playing. When the big kids try to play by themselves, Carrot throws a tantrum and Paz feels terrible. Rabbit explains that sometimes little kids cry when they don`t get what they want. Paz finally figures out how to play with Carrot and learns some things about how little kids are different from big kids.
  59. "FRISBEE DOG": Paz and Dog are playing catch with a frisbee – and dog proves especially adept at spinning it on his nose. Paz wants to learn how to do it and Dog shows him step by step. Pig comes along and wants to learn too – but rather than start with one frisbee as Dog suggests, Pig tries to balance five frisbees at once. Ignoring Dog's step by step instructions, the five frisbees crash to the ground and Pig decides she hates frisbees. Paz and Dog help Pig understand that sometimes it's better to start out small and build up to harder things. Finally Pig agrees to try one frisbee (the purple one which is her favorite color) and following Dog's instructions, she's able to balance it.
  60. "THE BIG BAD DREAM": Paz and Dog are staying at Pappy's house for a sleep-over. After playing games and singing songs, Paz is ready for bed, but Dog doesn`t want to go to sleep. Finally Dog admits to Paz that as much as he likes sleeping, he's never going to go to sleep again – because last night he had a bad dream about a monster chasing him. Paz helps Dog understand that monsters aren`t real, that Paz himself has had bad dreams, but that not all dreams are scary. They agree to keep the night-light on, and fall asleep with their good dreams dancing over their heads.
  61. "BOY, GIRL!": Paz, Dog, Pig, and Rabbit are playing baseball on a hot summer day. The two girls (Pig and Rabbit) decide they`d rather play "outerspace" while the two boys (Paz and Dog) really want to keep playing baseball. An argument ensues with Pig blowing up and throwing the baseball as far as she can toss it. This leads to the boys and girls splitting apart. But the boys realize that Rabbit is good at chasing the ball and Pig is good at throwing the ball; the girls realize that Dog always makes the blast-off noise and that Paz always reads the map. The two groups say they`re sorry and Dog suggests they all play something where they`re on the same team.
  62. "RAINDROPS FALLING": On a rainy day, Paz and Pig are stuck inside and help Big Penguin fix the leaky kitchen faucet. While watching the rain out the window, Paz and Pig wonder where rain goes which leads them on an imaginary adventure with raindrops. Imagining that they`re riding raindrops in the sky, they slide down the roof of Pappy's house, into an open rain gutter, onto the green leaf of a plant, and finally onto the ground and watch the raindrops absorbed into the ground, which makes the plants stand a little taller and look greener and healthier.
  63. "DIG, PAZ, DIG!": Inspired by photographs of Pappy at the Pyramids in Egypt, Paz decides he wants to go to Egypt too. When Pappy tells him that Egypt is far away, Paz says he knows a shortcut and is off to the yard where he begins digging a hole in the ground. Rabbit and Dog come by and get excited by Paz's promises of ancient pyramids, camels and lots of sand. They find a rock that they determine must be from a pyramid; a line in the dirt becomes a camel footprint; the dirt becomes sand. When Rabbit and Dog grow impatient to get to Egypt, Paz creatively transforms Pappy's backyard into a pretend-version of Egypt – which ends with them making their own pyramid out of themselves – with Dog on top!
  64. "PUSH COMES TO SHOVE": Paz, Rabbit, and Dog are playing in the snow at Paz's house and decide to build a snow fort with a tunnel and a secret tower. When Rabbit dumps a big ball of snow on Paz's head – Dog thinks it's funny and Paz accuses them of "two against one" and gets more and more angrier the more they laugh. Paz shoves Dog to the ground which leads to more fighting. Big Penguin hears shouting and comes outside to investigate which leads to more finger-pointing and yelling and Big Penguin sends Rabbit and Dog home so she can talk to Paz alone. A little later after Paz has cooled off, he and Big Penguin talks about what it feels like to be mad and brainstorm the best ways to deal with anger and conflict.
  65. "PIG IN THE MIDDLE": With Big Penguin's help, Paz and Pig make big papier mache bugs. Since Pig has never done papier mache before, she needs more help from Big Penguin and that makes Paz want more attention, feel jealous because Big Penguin is favoring Pig over him. Paz's jealous feelings lead him to ignoring Pig, then abruptly cleaning up, and finally breaking Pig's papier mache ladybug. Pig is understandably upset. When Paz tells Big Penguin that she loves Pig more than she loves him, they have a talk about what jealousy means and how Paz is special to her. Paz tells Pig he's sorry and they start their papier mache projects again.
  66. "TAKING THE PLUNGE": Paz wakes up to the first snow of the winter and wants to go sledding. But when he calls Pappy to go sledding, Pappy tells him he has a cold and can't go sledding today... Paz naturally assume that Big Penguin will sledding instead. Big Penguin is oddly evasive about sledding but Paz finally convinces her to join him. Once outside, Big Penguin reveals that she's afraid of sledding – which surprises Paz. When Big Penguin was a little penguin she fell off of a sled and hurt her beak and has been afraid of sledding ever since. Paz assures his mom that he was scared too, that he fell off once, but that he tried again and it became less scary. With Paz's methodical help, Big Penguin finally sleds down the hill with Paz – and enjoys it so much she can`t wait to go again!
  67. "THE CHECK UP": Paz and Big Penguin are the doctor's office where nervously waits for his annual check up which will include a shot. Once the exam is under way with Doctor Dan, Paz gets his heart, eyes and beak all checked out. Before giving Paz his shot, Doctor Dan puts on a big red nose and juggles for Paz's enjoyment. Then Doctor Dan explains why shots are necessary – to help Paz stay healthy and to keep him from getting sick. He also confides to Paz that he used to be scared of shots too. Wearing his very own red nose and with lots of soothing warning and flipper-holding, the shot is quickly over.
  68. "ALL GROWED UP": Pig and Rabbit are staying at Paz's house for a sleep-over. It seems like everything they want to do (look for buried treasure in the woods, eat cake for dinner, stay up as late they want) -- Big Penguin has the same answer": wait until you're all grown up. Turning their frustration into inspiration, they three friends fantasize about what they'll be like and all the things they'll when they're finally all grown up. Back to reality and after they've all gone to sleep, Big Penguin wakes up the three kids to go outside and see the big, beautiful full moon. The kids all quietly agree they want to be like Big Penguin when they're all grown up.
  69. "PAZ'S GARDEN": With leaves of the trees blowing in the autumn wind, Paz cares for his flower garden. He asks Big Penguin why leaves fall off trees and she explains how plants grow, how the seasons affect a plant's life, how winter is the time for many plants to take a nice long rest. In the next scene, it has begun to snow and Paz finds his flowers drooping and sprinkled with the falling snow. He gently brushes away the snow, makes little umbrellas to protect them from the snow... But Big Penguin finds Paz crying because his flowers have lost their petals and he doesn't know how to fix them. Big Penguin helps him understand that his flowers need to rest over the winter, and in the spring all the plants in the garden will start growing again. Paz feels happy and sad at the same time, and saves some of the petals from his flowers so he can think about them all winter long.
  70. "THE CAMP OUT": Paz, Pig, and Rabbit are making sure they have everything for the big camping trip. It is in the backyard where the kids have pitched a tent and plan to sleep in overnight. Conflict between the friends comes up (who gets the flashlight, who gets to tell a story first) and is always settled with Paz reluctantly agreeing that the guests go first. Pig's story is about a queen pig who loves truffles, Rabbit's is about a rabbit who wants to jump to the moon. By the time it's Paz's turn, he feels like no one wants to hear his story they convince him that his stories are always cool. Paz tells a story about a penguin who wanted to meet a whale and uses his storytelling abilities to make friends with a shy whale. He tells the whale stories about a queen pig who loves truffles and a rabbit who wants to jump to the moon!
  71. "THE LOCKET": Paz watches Big Penguin nervously packing a suitcase as she gets ready to go on her first business trip since Paz was born. Paz will stay overnight at Pappy's and Big Penguin will be home tomorrow. Paz thinks that sounds like a long time and runs and hides in his tree house. Big Penguin joins Paz in the tree house and they talk about why Big Penguin has to go on the overnight trip, about her work, and that Paz will have more fun with Pappy. Paz isn't convinced so Big Penguin comes up with an idea": they'll have a telephone rendezvous, a special time for them to talk on the phone. Big Penguin has another idea and they make a book of pictures that shows time passing": Paz and Pappy having fun together, eating dinner and playing Pappy's tuba, Paz talking on the phone to Big Penguin, Pappy tucking Paz into bed... Big Penguin adds one more picture to Paz's book": a picture of her coming home and giving Paz a big hug. While Big Penguin is on her business trip, Paz can open his book and find out where they are in the story. For her part, Big Penguin will wear a locket with Paz's picture inside – so Paz will always be with her.
  72. "THE POTATO PIXIE": Paz and Pappy are in Pappy's garden enjoying the summer bounty of vegetables. Pappy tells Paz that there are even more vegetables that are growing below the ground. He digs up some carrots and puts them in a basket. Pappy's favorite are potatoes but when he tries to dig some up, can't get seem to loosen the ground up. Paz suggests that the potatoes must like it underground, but Pappy thinks it might be the potato pixie. Lending a little magic and whimsy to his gardening expedition with Paz, Pappy turns their task of digging up the potatoes into an adventure. Paz finally decides that the only they`re going to convince it to give over the potatoes is to play some pixie music and get them to dance, then maybe they'll let go of the potatoes. When dancing does work, Pappy suggests they give it something sweet to eat – sweet peas from the garden! They open some pods and sprinkle some sweet peas in a hole a few feet from the potatoes. Suddenly Pappy is able to dig up his potatoes! When Paz notices a few little bites taken out of one of the potatoes, he begins to wonder if they aren't real after all!
  73. "THE GREAT RACE": Paz's fantasy where Paz is riding is red scooter in a great race against a very arrogant frog who is sure he's going to beat Paz. With the frog laughing at him, Paz compares himself to the tortoise in the story of the tortoise and the hare – sure and steady, never giving up. As Paz rides sure and steady, the frog stops for a big breakfast and sips espresso. Paz keeps riding sure and steady past the frog who is sunbathing at a waterfall. Paz keeps riding sure and steady past the frog who poses to have his portrait painted by a rhino artist. At the finish line, the frog doesn't catch up and Paz wins the great race, proclaims himself the world champion!
  74. "LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS": Paz sets up his very own lemonade stand...his first customer is Pig but she has her own water bottle and wants play lemonade stand too. Rabbit hops by and would rather help selling lemonade than drink it. When Dog comes along playing frisbee, he balks at Paz's lemonade too – but he'd like to help them sell some. A little later, all four friends sit behind the lemonade stand – they haven't sold a single glass of lemonade. Paz is convinced nobody bought any because he makes the world's worst lemonade. But Pig says she didn't buy any because she wasn`t thirsty, and Rabbit does like anything that tastes sour, and Dog doesn`t have any money. Paz realizes that maybe his lemonade isn't so bad after all and Dog suggests there's only one way to find out": they all have a taste. Even Rabbit, who kinda likes it! Then Pappy walks up and buys a glass of lemonade – their first customer!
  75. "TWO SIDES": Big Penguin and Paz are waiting for Pappy—Big Penguin is annoyed because he's late for lunch. When he finally arrives, Big Penguin tells Pappy he's late and Pappy thinks he's early. While Paz tries to get them to play with him, the grownups argue about whether Pappy was supposed to come over before or after lunch. When the argument grows uncomfortably tense, Paz screams "Stop fighting!" and asks them if he did something wrong. The grownups reassure him, Big Penguin explains that no one was right or wrong, Pappy says that sometimes there are two sides to the same story. The three of them brainstorm on the meaning of "two sides to the same story" and Big Penguin suggests they all have dessert together.
  76. "THE CARNIVAL": Moving back and forth between playing carnival in Paz's yard and their fantasy world of carnivals, Paz, Pig, Rabbit, and Dog perform their carnival acts. But Pig can't decide what she wants to do, which costume to wear, which prop to use... so her friends help her brainstorm ideas until she comes up with the perfect carnival act": Mermaid Pig of the Sea! Pig does her own synchronized swimming act the imagined cheering crowd.
  77. "BOXED IN": Paz and Dog play in Paz's room which is full of empty boxes that Paz has saved. Dog suggests that maybe Paz should get ride of some of the boxes but Paz feels that every box is special, that he can transform every one of them into something to play with": a train, a banjo, a robot. Inspired by the different shapes and sizes—Dog comes up with an idea how they can better organize Paz's boxes in the overflowing closet. Instead of stacking the boxes on top of one another, they stack all the boxes INSIDE each other. In the fun process of exploring the relationships between space and shapes, Paz and Dog's organization skills becomes a kind of game with the last empty box becoming a space ship in which they blast off to outer space!
  78. "THE NEW DOG": Paz, Rabbit, and Pig are playing "Following the Leader" when they see Dog watching them from a distance. Paz and his friends are excited to meet a new friend who has just moved to the neighborhood, but Dog is shy and speaks softly, gets tongue tied when he tries to say his name, and looks down at the ground a lot. Dog hurries away and the remaining friends disagree about Dog's behavior": he didn't talk very much, why'd he run off so fast, maybe he didn't want to play with us, he wasn`t very friendly... When Dog shows up the next day to play with his new friends, they're surprised to see him, they thought he didn't want to play with them. Dog explains that he's shy, that he gets nervous when he meets new friends, that he needs a little time to get used to new friends. The friends understand better now and welcome him into their game, which he's happy to join.
  79. "WHEN I GROW UP": Mom and Dad Rabbit drop off Rabbit and 2-year old Carrot at Paz's house. Big Penguin is babysitting for the evening. Paz and Rabbit want to play alone – but Carrot wants to play too. Big Penguin steps in and plays with Carrot in another part of the room. Paz notices that Big Penguin sure enjoys playing with Carrot, she laughs at everything Carrot says and does. When Carrot burps loudly Big Penguin finds it cute and funny. When Paz then burps loudly, Big Penguin doesn't laugh, and reminds Paz that he's old enough to say "excuse me." Later, Big Penguin sings Carrot to sleep (with Paz's help) and Rabbit falls asleep too. Paz asks Big Penguin why she likes Carrot so much and Big Penguin tells him it's because she reminds her of another little kid who used to run around the house – a little kid named Paz. Paz softly touches one of Carrot's ears and says, "She is pretty sweet and funny." Big Penguin agrees, and adds, "And so are you."
  80. "PLAY IT AGAIN, PAZ!": rummages through a closet at home looking for something to play with and finds a baton. Big Penguin tells him the baton belonged to her when she was in the school marching band. Paz tries to twirl the baton but ends up a tangled mess on the floor. Big Penguin tells him the story of wanting to be the majorette – the leader of the band...but she never got to because she wasn`t the best baton twirler. Still, she had fun marching in the band, she loved being in the parades! Paz wants to have their own parade but Big Penguin has too much work to do. Paz draws a picture of a parade with all of his friends and Pappy in it. Big Penguin isn't in the parade—she's in the house working. This hits home for Big Penguin and pushes away her work and moments later they are outside in their own parade": Big Penguin finally getting to be the majorette! All of Paz's friends think he has the coolest mom and Paz couldn`t agree more.

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