The PeeChees

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The PeeChees
Right to Left: Carlos Cañedo, Molly Neuman, Christopher Appelgren, Rop Vasquez
Background information
OriginOakland, California, U.S.
GenresPunk, post-hardcore, post-punk
Years active1994–1998
LabelsKill Rock Stars, Lookout!, Skinny Girl, Damaged Goods, Rugger Bugger, Sub Pop, Roxy
Associated actsBratmobile, Rice, Beehive and the Baracudas, Bumblescrump, The Lefties, The Pattern, The Frumpies, Love or Perish
WebsiteThe PeeChees at KRS
Past membersChristopher Appelgren
Molly Neuman
Carlos Cañedo
Rop Vasquez

The PeeChees (aka The PeeChee All-Season Sensations) were a punk band formed in 1994 by Lookout! Records co-owners Christopher Appelgren (The Pattern, Bumblescrump, The Lefties), Molly Neuman (Bratmobile, The Frumpies, Love or Perish), along with guitarist Carlos Cañedo (Rice, Love or Perish, Beehive & The Baracudas), and bass player Rop Vasquez (Rice, Semi-Automatic, The Lefties). The PeeChees released 3 full-length records on the Kill Rock Stars label, and singles on Kill Rock Stars, Lookout! Records, and Subpop, and were on many compilations during the mid-90's. They toured the United States and Europe and performed with label mates Bikini Kill, Unwound, and Sleater-Kinney and performed and collaborated with Rocket From The Crypt and Rancid. They were peripherally involved in the Riot grrrl movement, with Neuman (one of the movement's founders) playing drums for the band. The band disbanded in 1998.

Band members[edit]



Year Title Label Other information
1996 Do The Math Kill Rock Stars First album.
1997 Games People Play Kill Rock Stars Final studio album.
1998 Life Kill Rock Stars Compilation of singles and compilation tracks. Released posthumously.

Singles and EPs[edit]

Year Title Label Other information
1994 Cup of Glory Kill Rock Stars "Cheap Fun", "Grease" b/w "Fine Watch".
1995 Scented Gum Lookout! Records "Genuine Article", "Tea Biscuit to Show" b/w "Olive Oil", "Tom Foolery". Recorded by John Reis and Gar Wood.
1996 Love Moods Rugger Bugger "New Moscow Woman" b/w "Quadruple Bypass"
1996 "Antarticists" Roxy b/w "Love Is the Law" cover, originally by The Suburbs.
1997 "Sing Like Me (Elliott Smith)" Damaged Goods b/w "Other Ice Age". Picture disc
1998 "Dallas" Sub Pop b/w "If You Don't Know (Now You Know)". Released as part of the label's limited edition "Single of the Month" series

Non-album tracks[edit]

Year Album/Source Label Song(s) Other information
1994 Rock Stars Kill Kill Rock Stars "Patty Coahuila" First band release. Compilation of Kill Rock Stars bands that included Rancid, Kathleen Hanna, and Team Dresch.
1995 Slice Of Lemon Lookout! Records/Kill Rock Stars "Maintenance Free" Compilation of Lookout! and Kill Rock Stars bands that included Elliott Smith and The Mr. T Experience.
1998 Taking A Chance On Chances Troubleman Unlimited Records "Second Grade" Compilation of bands that included Monorchid.


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