The Peggies (band)

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The Peggies
Img the peggies.jpg
From left to right: Makiko Ishiwatari, Yuuho Kitazawa, and Miku Onuki.
Background information
OriginKanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Years active2011–present
Websitethe peggies
  • Yuuho Kitazawa (vocals and guitarist)
  • Makiko Ishiwatari (bass)
  • Miku Onuki (drummer)

The Peggies (Japanese: ザ・ペギーズ) is a Japanese all-female band from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, formed in 2011. The band is signed with Poppo Express and is currently affiliated with Epic Records Japan. Its affiliation office is called MOVING ON.[1]


  • Yuuho Kitazawa
    Real Name: Yusuke Kitazawa[2]
    Date and place of birth: December 2, 1995.
    She is the vocalist and the guitarist of the band. Also, she is in charge of songwriting, composition, and arrangement of songs.
  • Makiko Ishiwata
    Real Name: Ishiwata Manteruko[2]
    Date and place of birth: August 27, 1995, Tokyo, Japan.
    She is the bassist. She is also better known as "Megamakiko".
  • Miku Onuki
    Real Name: Wataruhisa Onuki[2]
    Date and place of birth: April 23, 1995, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
    She is the drummer. She is also better known as "Minimiku".



  Release Date Title Song Japanese Standard Stock Number Tracklist Remarks
October 19, 2016 スプートニク/LOVE TRIP (Sputnik/LOVE TRIP) POCS-9153 Limited Edition
1st May 10, 2017 ドリーミージャーニー (Dreamy Journey) ESCL-4844(Limited Edition)
ESCL-4846(Regular Edition)
Aired on TV Tokyo's Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as an ending theme.
It is a limited edition with a DVD and a recording of MV's "Dreamy Journey".
2nd September 6, 2017
BABY! ESCL-4907, 4908(Limited Edition)
ESCL-4909(Regular Edition)
Its release comes in a form of limited edition with the recording of MV's "BABY!".
3rd November 7, 2018 君のせい (Kimi No Sei) ESCL-5120, 5121 (Limited Edition)
ESCL-5119(Regular Edition)
Opening theme for Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Mini album[edit]

  Release Date Title Song Japanese Standard Stock Number Tracklist Remarks
May 27, 2015 PPEP1 DDCZ-2030


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Music videos[edit]