The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Mini Album

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The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Mini Album
Studio album by Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Released 1983
Genre Instrumental Folk
Length 25:56
Label EG Records
Producer Simon Jeffes
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Penguin Cafe Orchestra
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Mini Album
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Robert Christgau B[1]

The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Mini Album is an EP by Penguin Cafe Orchestra consisting of six pieces, two derived from previous released recordings ("The Penguin Cafe Single" and "Air a Danser"), two that were recorded from a live performance in Tokyo ("Numbers 1-4" and "Salty Bean Fumble"), and two previously unreleased pieces which had not appeared elsewhere ("The Toy" and "Piano Music"). The two live pieces were recorded by NHK Radio at the Kain Hoken Hall on 10 June 1982. "Piano Music" is a solo piece recorded by Simon Jeffes in Tokyo on 7 July 1982 and "The Toy" was recorded in 1983. The cover painting was by Emily Young.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Penguin Cafe Single"
  2. "Air a Danser"
  3. "The Toy"
  4. "Numbers 1-4"
  5. "Salty Bean Fumble"
  6. "Piano Music"


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