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The Penny is a book authored by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford. It was the first time either of the best-selling[1][2] authors had co-authored a book.[1] Although the book is fictional, it is based on the early life experiences of the co-author, Joyce Meyer, who was abused by her parents when she was a child. The novel was published by Hodder & Stoughton.[2]

Plot summary[edit]

The main character in the story is Jenny, a 14-year-old girl.[1] Jenny and her sister are badly abused by their father.[3] The book is religion based, and is about how Jenny comes to know Jesus through her best friend Aurelia.[1] At the time the book is based, 1950, many people would have frowned upon Jenny, a white girl, becoming friends with a black skinned girl.[1]


The book has been optioned for a movie, and Joyce has been quoted as being very excited about this; she hopes the film "will help people understand that God is available to everyone and works in our everyday life."[1] The rights to create a film about the book were sold to Weinstein Company.[1]