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Peoples Temple
Origin Lansing, Michigan, United States
Genres Garage punk, psychedelic rock, shoegazing
Instruments vocals, guitar, bass, drums, Harmonica
Years active 2007 — present
Labels Hozac Records
Third Man Records
State Capital Records
Certified PR Records
Milk-n-Herpes Records
Agitated Records
Members Alex Szegedy (lead guitar)
George Szegedy (drums)
Spencer Young (bass/vocals)
William Young (guitar/vocals)

The People's Temple is a rock and roll band that formed in 2007 in Perry, Michigan and currently is based out of Lansing, Michigan. In February 2013 Third Man Records released "Never More," a 7-inch single recorded live at Third Man in Nashville.On September 25, 2014 the band released its fourth full-length album, "Weekends Time" on State Capital Records - the LP received a positive review from Pitchfork Media.

In a June 6, 2013 emusic "10 Bands to Watch" article, writer and guitarist Lenny Kaye wrote his thoughts on the band's "More for the Masses" LP: "Awash in reverb and mood enhancers, the People's Temple create an atmosphere truly "Texas Revisited," embracing trippy International Artists like the Red Kraola and Bubble Puppy, bone-shaking a tambourine ("Nevermore," "Looter's Game"), and mumbo-jumboing poetics ("House of Fools"). Alternately soaring, dislocating, unsettling and uplifting, the album culminates in the phantasmagoria of "(Dark Dreams) Distant Memories," a hymn to the glories found in a millisecond's delay by way of Jane's Addiction. Pass the Kool-Aid," Kaye wrote. [2].

In February 2014 the band released "Musical Garden" on HoZac Records, it received positive reviews from a number of outlets, including Pitchfork Media [3]. In September it released its second full-length of 2014 when it released "Weekends Time" via State Capital Records. The album is the band's fourth LP and was recorded live in the studio over a three-day period.


The People's Temple was formed in 2007 by two sets of brothers: Alex Szegedy (guitar/vocals) and George Szegedy (drums) and Spencer Young (bass/vocals) and William Young (guitar/vocals).[1]

While growing up in Perry, MI the band members became influenced by 1960s rock, folk, and garage rock, which shows in the band's vintage sound.[1]

The band started playing gigs in the Lansing area in 2008 and have since developed a reputation of performing wild stage shows, with ample guitar feedback. The band has 7-inch EPs on Certified PR Records, Milk-n-Herpes Records and HoZac Records. Their debut LP "Sons of Stone" was released in May 2011 by HoZac Records.[2] The album received positive reviews from Pitchfork Media, as well as Uncut Magazine and the Los Angeles Times.

On July 13, 2012 the People's Temple recorded a live set at Third Man Records in Nashville for a 7-inch split single with King Tuff. The event was an early show dubbed "The Rock N Roll Lunch at Third Man."[3]

In October 2012 the band released "More For the Masses," its second full-length album. This album was also released on HoZac Records.

Third Man released the "Never More" / "Miles Away" live 7-inch on February 26, 2013. It was release alongside a single by Hell Beach. The official Third Man Records site said this about the bands: "Two incredible live 45s, recorded here in our venue direct-to-tape, housed in our distinctive Live series die cut sleeves. People's Temple and Hell Beach are two of the most intriguing and rawkus bands currently blowing up the rock-n-roll underground and these live 45s catch them at full speed."

In early 2014 HoZac Records released the band's third album, "Musical Garden." The LP was a collection of random tracks the band recorded over the past year. Pitchfork gave the album a positive review, stating: "Thus far, they're three for three and show no signs of letting up." In September, the band released its second album of 2014 when it released "Weekends Time" on State Capital Records. The disc includes originals and two Ariel Pink covers. Pitchfork gave it a positive review, stating: "Not to say they've gotten "better", but their echoing desert psych days might be behind them, as their new one sounds like it's sprung from the melodic wheelhouse of Ric Ocasek and Dwight Twilley. It's a new frontier for this band—a damn catchy one, at that. This is the sort of record that makes me want to put on everything they've released, in chronological order, to hear their progression, and then wonder where they'll go next."[4]


The People's Temple have cited Big Star, Chris Bell, Arthur Lee, The Smiths, Spacemen 3, 13th Floor Elevators, The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, Joy Division, James Gang, and Link Wray as main influences.


  • Outta My Hands” 7" EP (Milk n Herpes Records, September 2009, HERP011) - 350 copies.
  • You Don't Know (Just Where I've Been)" 7" EP (Certified PR Records, March 2010, CPR009) - 500 copies (w/ 50 limited edition magnets).
  • Make You Understand” 7" EP (HoZac Records, May 2010, HZR056) - 500 copies.
  • Still (The Same)” 7" EP (Goodbye Boozy Records, June 2011, GB 63) - 270 copies (Hand-numbered).
  • Sons of Stone” LP/CD (HoZac Records, May 2011, HZR085). 200 copies on gold vinyl. 550 copies on black vinyl.
  • Looters Game” 7" single (HoZac Records, August 2012, HZR121) - 200 copies on gold vinyl. 475 copies on black vinyl.
  • More For the Masses” LP/CD (HoZac Records, October 2012, HZR122). 199 copies on gold vinyl. 500 copies on black vinyl.
  • Never More” live 7" (Third Man Records, February 2013).
  • Brand New Thing” 7" single (Trouble in Mind Records, September 2013, TIM054). 500 copies on various colored vinyl.
  • Musical Garden” LP/CD (HoZac Records, Feb. 2014, HZR-146) 199 on Gold vinyl. 500 copies on black vinyl.
  • Utopia’’ 7" EP (Agitated Records, May 6, 2014, IMSO010.) 500 copies UK release only.
  • Weekends Time” LP/CD (State Capital Records, Sept. 2014) 50 Limited colored vinyl and 250 pressed on black vinyl.


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