The People of the Summit

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"The People of the Summit"
Author Björn Nyberg and L. Sprague de Camp
Country United States
Language English
Series Conan the Barbarian
Genre(s) Fantasy short story
Published in The Mighty Swordsmen
Publication type Collection
Publisher Lancer Books
Media type Print (Paperback)
Publication date 1970

"The People of the Summit" is a short story by Björn Nyberg, subsequently revised by L. Sprague de Camp, featuring the fictional sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian created by Robert E. Howard. Nyberg's version of the story was first published by Lancer Books in the paperback anthology The Mighty Swordsmen in December 1970. The revised version was first published by Bantam Books in the paperback collection Conan the Swordsman in August 1978. Later paperback editions of the collection were issued by Ace Books (1987 and 1991). The first hardcover edition was published by Tor Books in 2002. The book has also been translated into Italian. It was later gathered together with Conan the Liberator and Conan and the Spider God into the omnibus collection Sagas of Conan (Tor Books, 2004).

Plot summary[edit]

Conan and his comrade Jamal are the sole survivors of a force of Turanian soldiers ambushed by Khozgarian tribesmen. Fleeing the site of the massacre, they encounter Shanya Karaz, the Khozgari chief's daughter, whom they seize as a hostage. Their flight takes them over the Bhamlar Pass, which they brave despite Shanya's warnings of the People of the Summit, the survivors of a dying race who haunt the high mountains. Fogbound in the pass, the three are attacked; Jamal is killed and Shanya taken. Conan fights his way through a band of apes to trail the attackers to the lost race's tower redoubt in an attempt to rescue Shanya.


Preceded by
Conan the Hero
Complete Conan Saga
(William Galen Gray chronology)
Succeeded by
"The Curse of the Monolith"