The Perfect Gift

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The Perfect Gift
The Perfect Gift VideoCover.jpeg
Directed by Jefferson Moore
Shane Sooter
Produced by Jefferson Moore
Kelly Worthington Moore
Written by Jefferson Moore (screenplay and story)
Starring Jefferson Moore
Christina Fougnie
Amy Hess
Matt Wallace,
Music by BJ Davis
Cinematography Tim Antkowiak
Gary Leo Miller
Edited by Pate Walters
Distributed by Kelly's Filmworks LTD
Release date
November 1, 2009
Country United States
Language English

The Perfect Gift is a 2009 spinoff of the 2005 Christian drama movie The Perfect Stranger, and its first sequel, Another Perfect Stranger. It stars Christina Fougnie, Amy Hess, Matt Wallace, and Jefferson Moore once again as Jesus Christ. It was filmed almost entirely in Kentucky, where the first two movies in the series were not.


Maxine Noelle Westray (Christina Fougnie) is a beautiful and wealthy girl, yet she is incredibly spoiled and bratty. Born on Christmas, she only sees that day as a time for lavish and expensive gifts. Her overworked executive mother (Amy Hess) is struggling to provide "suitable" gifts for her young children. A disillusioned young minister (Matt Wallace) does not see Christmas as a minister should. Then one day a drifter (Jefferson Moore) comes into town and changes these three people's lives forever by teaching them the true meaning of Christmas and that the best gift of all doesn't come in wrapping.

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