The Perhapanauts

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The Perhapanauts
Perhapanauts vol 1.png
Cover to trade paperback edition of Perhapanauts: First Blood.
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse (2005)
Image (2008)
First appearance First Blood #1 (November, 2005)
Created by Todd Dezago
Craig Rousseau
In-story information
Base(s) BEDLAM
Member(s) Arisa

The Perhapanauts is an American comic book series created by writer Todd Dezago and artist Craig Rousseau in 2005.[1]

The first two mini-series, "First Blood" and "Second Chances,"[2] were published by Dark Horse Comics, although it was announced on October 31, 2007, that forthcoming Perhapanauts comics would be published by Image Comics.[3]


The Image Comics series began with an annual in February 2008, "Jersey Devil",[4] followed by what may either be numerous upcoming mini-series or an ongoing series. The first series is "Triangle" taking the team into the Bermuda Triangle, which starts publication in April 2008.[5]

The story follows a team of supernatural investigators (in that they both investigate the supernatural, and are supernatural beings who investigate) working for Bedlam, a top-secret government agency. The main focus of the stories are on Blue Group, one team of Bedlam operatives.

The members of Blue Group are Arisa Hines, the group's leader who has psychic powers; Big, a Sasquatch whose intelligence has been artificially raised; Choopie, a Chupacabra with a somewhat erratic personality; MG, a mysterious being who appears human but has the power to travel to other dimensions; and Molly MacAllistar, a ghost. Other characters in the series include Joann DeFile, a psychic who works as an adviser for Bedlam; Peter Hammerskold, a former Marine with psychic powers who is the leader of Bedlam's Red Group and sees Blue Group as rivals; the Merrow, a water elemental fairy who works on Red Group; and Karl, a Mothman who is a Bedlam reservist and would like to be a full-time member of Blue Group.

Collected editions[edit]

The series have been collected into trade paperbacks:

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