The Petroglyph Museum

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The Petroglyph Museum
Qobustanda aşkarlanmış mikrolitlər.jpg
Established26 December 2011
LocationGobustan National Park, Azerbaijan

The Petroglyph Museum is a museum in Gobustan, Azerbaijan.

Design and construction[edit]

The construction of museum was financed by Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture in 2010.[1] The museum was designed and constructed by Latvian "El Studio" Ltd.[1] The museum was opened on 26 December 2011 by Ilham Aliyev.[2][3]


The museum's exhibition hall consists of various sections. The section "Gobustan: UNESCO World Cultural Heritage" provides information about 200 similar monuments around the world.[4]

The museum has a 3D cinema hall for 45 seats.[3] It is equipped with 7 sound amplifiers, monitors and projectors.[3] The meeting room has all conditions for holding a variety of conferences, events of national and international importance.


The museum’s permanent exhibition includes 12 rooms which displays and highlights the significance of the history of Gobustan petroglyphs.[3]


The museum received a special European Museum Forum award in 2013.[1]

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