The Pharmer's Almanac

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The Pharmer's Almanac
Volume 6
Pharmers Almanac Vol 6.jpg
Author Kevin Cassels
Richard Northrop
Country United States
Language English
Series The Pharmer's Almanac
Subject Biography, History, Reference
Publisher Pharmers Almanac
Publication date
October 2000
Media type Paperback
Pages 500
ISBN 0-9704993-0-2
Preceded by The Pharmer's Almanac Volume 5

The Pharmer's Almanac was the first printed compendium of information about the rock band Phish, put together as a fun business venture by a small group of fans who solicited help from hundreds of contributors. Six volumes were published, each with relatively complete song history and setlist information, as well as essays, trivia, and other content.

The first five volumes were edited (and largely written) by Andy Bernstein, Larry Chasnoff, Lockhart Steele, and Brian Celentano. Kevin Cassels (drummer of rock band Mother Vinegar) and Richard Northrop released the largest (and final) volume in 2000, shortly before the band's hiatus. Despite rumors of a coming seventh volume, the publishers retired the series after a second print run in 2002, and have no plans to renew it.

Volumes 2 through 4 as well as 6 feature the artwork of Chris DiLeo with Volume 6, a collaboration with artist Patrick Smith.

Similar fan-produced Phish resources include The Phishing Manual and The Phish Companion.

At one time during Phish's career, the publishers distributed a "Tour Extra" newsletter at shows, containing setlists for recent shows, advertisements for like-minded businesses, and short articles of interest. In 2001 and 2002, standalone appendices to the Almanac for the two years of hiatus were published.

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