The Philadelphia Trumpet

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The Philadelphia Trumpet
Logo trumpet.png
Editor Gerald Flurry
Categories Religion
Frequency monthly/bimonthly
Circulation 310,367 April, 2015
Publisher Philadelphia Church of God
Country United States
Website The Philadelphia Trumpet
ISSN 1070-6348

The Philadelphia Trumpet is a free of charge monthly magazine published by the Philadelphia Church of God, also available online. The magazine's focus is on domestic and international current events, societal commentary, and Bible based self-help articles, which often source Biblical writing as prophecy relating to world events. The magazine's editor in chief Gerald Flurry, Pastor General of the PCG, characterizes the magazine as the successor to the Worldwide Church of God's The Plain Truth magazine, when under the direction of Herbert W. Armstrong. The magazine's advertisements consist solely of free of charge offers for PCG books, booklets and other materials, much of which were originally published by Armstrong. The PCG was awarded ownership of the main core of Armstrong's books, booklets and The Bible Correspondence Course by the US Supreme Court in 2003 when sued by WCG for printing and distributing one of Armstrong's books.



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