The Philosopher's Pupil

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The Philosopher's Pupil
Cover of the first edition
AuthorIris Murdoch
Cover artistCathie Felstead[1]
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherChatto & Windus
Publication date
Media typePrint

The Philosopher's Pupil is a 1983 novel by the British writer and philosopher Iris Murdoch. It is set in a small English spa town called Ennistone.

Main characters[edit]

  • George McCaffrey---George, 44 years old, was a pupil of John Robert Rozanov, the philosopher. After changing from philosophy to history and archaeology, he had entered the museum and archive world but published nothing except A Short History of the Ennistone Museum. He married Stella; their son, Rufus, died in an unexplained "mishap."
  • Stella McCaffrey--- George's wife.
  • Brian McCaffrey--- George's brother, age 41.
  • Gabriel McCaffrey--- Brian's wife.
  • Adam McCaffrey--- Gabriel and Brian's son, age 8.
  • Zed--- Adam's small Papillon dog.
  • Alex McCaffrey--- George and Brian's mother, age 66.
  • Tom McCaffrey--- Alex's stepson, George and Brian's younger stepbrother, age 20.
  • John Robert Rozanov--- the philosopher.
  • Hattie Meynell--- John Robert's granddaughter.
  • Ruby Doyle--- Alex's long-time maid; a gipsy.
  • Diane Sedleigh--- George's mistress and Ruby's sister or cousin (no one knows).
  • Pearl Scotney--- Hattie's maid and companion, also related to Ruby and Diane.
  • Emmanuel (Emma) Scarlett-Taylor--- Tom's friend.


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