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The Phoenix
Issue 1 cover art featuring "Pirates of Pangaea" by Neill Cameron, 7 January 2012
Publication information
PublisherDavid Fickling Comics Ltd
FormatWeekly Story Comic
Publication date7 January 2012 - present
No. of issues400+

The Phoenix is a British weekly story comic for children aged 6–12, published by David Fickling Comics Ltd.[1] The comic was launched on 7 January 2012 with a preview issue which was released in late 2011.[2] The comic is often considered a successor to The DFC:[2] both are published by the same people and many of The Phoenix's creators had worked on The DFC.

Content of the comic[edit]

Unlike other British children's comics, such as The Beano and The Dandy, the comic does not exclusively feature humour strips. It also features serialise adventure stories such as "The Lost Boy" and "Pirates of Pangaea", as well as humour strips such as "Star Cat", "Evil Emperor Penguin", "Looshkin" and "Bunny vs Monkey". The comic has also featured text stories (such as extracts from books like "Charlie Small" and "Julius Zebra") and puzzles (which are also present in both the modern Beano and Dandy). This makes the comic more similar to the older Beano and Dandy than the modern ones as they once had a mixture of adventure and humour strips as well as text stories. There is also a non-fiction strip called "Corpse Talk" where the creator Adam Murphy digs up a famous dead person and interviews them about their life.

The team[edit]

Like a number of comics (2000AD has Tharg the Mighty and Sparky had the Sparky People), The Phoenix features a fictional editorial team, a group of cartoon animals led by feline editor-in-chief Tabitha Inkspot. The main news reporters that are Bruno Barker, Ellie Waggins, Scoop Yapski and Iris Hasselblad, who have a big news page where they report on new comics and other information of note.

Bunny Vs Monkey[edit]

A humorous comic strip of two pages with usually unrelated themes. The main characters are-

Bunny: A cynical rabbit who just wants a calm forest.

Ai: A recently introduced ai-ai who replaced the deceased Le Fox, an excitable character who is the opposite of Bunny, but still his friend, if only for the fun of it.

Weenie: A confused squirrel. Pig's best friend.

Pig: A confused pig. Weenie's best friend.

Skunky: An evil genius and skunk.

Monkey: A villainous monkey who always wants destruction. However, several strips have portrayed him as a more sympathetic character, who feels left out and disliked.

Metal Steve: A robot made by Skunky.

Action Beaver: A radioactive beaver. He makes unusual noises and doesn't appear to fit in. He is stronger than a hundred nuclear bombs, and it is revealed that he has a romantic interest in Ai, following her to give her flowers, but thus annoying her and making her leave before he could give her them.

E.V.E: A confused robot made by Skunky, who eventually turns on him and joins Bunny's team.

Le Fox: A fox who was once the guardian of the woods before sacrificing his life to save the world from an all-powerful creature. He later came back as a ghost but was resurrected accidentally by Skunky. He was on Bunny's team but changed to Monkey's after Skunky built him a soundproof bunker in the series of tunnels in which he lives.

Tamsin And The Days[edit]

A recurring strip starring Tamsin, an unknowingly magical girl who is the last pellar, a series of fighters to save the world from darkness.

Troy Trailblazer (Now Trailblazers)

A recurring sci-fi adventure comic strip starring-

Troy: A cocky and annoying but also brave and caring hero who fights with his friends.

Jess: A former enemy turned co-captain to Troy, who disrespects his authority a lot, but is also his love interest.

Barrus: A catlike monster that speaks in growls but in the new series can speak English.

Blip: A robot that was just a floating spherical droid but has since grown a body.

Gary's Garden[edit]

A strip about a garden and the animals and plants in it.

Star Cat[edit]

A sci-fi strip about a spaceship crew who live inside a rocket that is also a giant cat. The main characters are-

Captain Spaceington: A dozy character who is more loyal than he should be.

Plixx: A science officer and alien who doesn't know anything about science.

Robot 01: A greedy yellow humanoid who often gives un-necessary help and looks down on organic life.

Pilot: A cat-like creature who only talks in a caesar cipher (and even when decoded speaks mostly gibberish). She is the Queen of her species, the Pilots, an extremely endangered race; she and her two children, who were sent away to raise themselves are the only known specimens.

Corpse Talk[edit]

A talk show style comic by Adam Murphy looking at influential historical people such as Einstein, Boudicca, etc.

Evil Emperor Penguin (EEP)[edit]

A comic by Laura Anderson about a penguin and his plans for world domination - or spaghetti hoops. Starring-

EEP: An evil penguin who relies more on help from friends then he would like to believe.

Number 8: An octopus and EEP's butler. He often disagrees with EEP's plans, but seldom puts his foot down.

Eugene: Another of EEP's workers, a small fuzzy abominable snowman who briefly defected to Evil Cat, but returned.

Evil Cat: EEP's archenemy, noticeably wears a top hat and is more evil than EEP. He is currently no longer EEP's enemy as of the latest strip,[when?] where his memory was wiped and he was therefore tricked into becoming one of his former enemy's minions.

Mega Robo Bros[edit]

A comic by Neill Cameron about two brothers who happen to be the most powerful robots on future Earth. They save the world from robot threats such as killer robot Buckingham Palace guards.

Squid Squad[edit]

An underwater adventure strip featuring a team of 3 squid protecting the ocean.

Squid Bits[edit]

A deceptively simple strip of seemingly random doodles. Great for getting kids engaged in drawing.


The crazy adventures of the maddest cat in the world. No one knows what is going through this cat's head and life is never calm when he's around.


A purely illustrative comic with no text. Follows the adventures of POW! a space gladiator and his adventures.

Dirk Lloyd[edit]

A comic strip adapted from the Dark Lord series. A Dark Lord is transformed into a 13-year-old boy and we follow his adventures as he tries to turn himself back.

Von Doogan[edit]

The Dangerous Adventures of Von Doogan by the Etherington Bros. is the puzzle usually on the back or middle page of The Phoenix. Children are encouraged to send in the answers to receive a Von Doogan prize and to be named winner in the next issue.


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