The Pillars of Hercules (book)

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First edition (publ. Putnam)

The Pillars of Hercules: A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean is a travelogue written by the American travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux, first published 1995.[1]

It concerns a year-and-a-half long expedition around the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea from one of Hercules' Pillars (Gibraltar) to the other (Ceuta)[2] undertaken during 1993-94. Theroux recounts his experiences from the many diverse countries that border the shores of the sea, including the war-torn Yugoslavia (this was shortly before the break-up of the former republic), the troubled Levant and the recently liberated Albania.

Chapters of Book[edit]

The Pillars of Hercules consists of eighteen chapters:[1]

  1. The Cable Car to the Rock of Gibraltar
  2. The Mare Nostrum Express to Alicante
  3. The MV Punta Europa to Mallorca
  4. The Virgen de Guadalupe Express to Barcelona and Beyond
  5. Le Grand Sud to Nice
  6. The Ferry Île de Beauté to Corsica
  7. The Ferry Ichnusa to Sardinia
  8. The Ferry Torres to Sicily
  9. The Ferry Villa to Calabria
  10. The Ferry Clodia from Chioggia
  11. The Ferry Liburnija to Zadar
  12. The Ferry Venezia to Albania
  13. The MV Seabourne Spirit to Istanbul
  14. The MV Akdeniz through the Levant
  15. The 7:20 Express to Latakia
  16. The Ferry Sea Harmony to Greece
  17. The Ferry El-Loud III to Kerkennah
  18. To Morocco on the Ferry Boughaz

Notes and references[edit]