The Pilot (film)

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The Pilot [a.k.a. Danger in the Skies]
The Pilot 1980 poster.jpg
1980 Theatrical Poster
Directed by Cliff Robertson
Written by Robert P. Davis
Starring Cliff Robertson
Diane Baker
Music by John Addison
Cinematography Walter Lassally
Release dates
Country United States USA
Language English

The Pilot is a 1980 film by director and star Cliff Robertson and is based on the novel of the same name by Robert P. Davis.


Mike Hagan is a pilot in passenger service and a candidate for the honor of Best Pilot of the Year. There's only one problem -- Mike is an alcoholic.

As Mike's drinking worsens, he faces an increasingly tough battle to conceal his problem and keep his life together. After an incident in which he jeopardizes the lives of his passengers and crew, Mike realizes he needs help.


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