The Pimp

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The Pimp
Fatboy Slim - The Pimp.jpg
EP by Fatboy Slim
Released November 19, 2002
Genre Big beat
Label Skint Records/Astralwerks
Producer Fatboy Slim
Fatboy Slim chronology
Camber Sands
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The Pimp

The Pimp is an EP released in 2002 by Fatboy Slim. It is the third and final EP in a series by Fatboy Slim. All three EPs were released on 19 November 2002.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Pimp" (Collins, Cook) - 4:32 (Feat. Bootsy Collins)
  2. "Drop the Hate" (Remixed By Reverend H. Lidbo & The Progressive Baptist Choir Of Stockholm) (Cook, Daniels) - 7:20
  3. "Star 69" (X-Press 2 Wine-Em Dine-Em 69 Supamix) (Clark, Cook, McCormack) - 8:19
  4. "Retox" (Getting Freqy with Fatboy) (Cook) - 8:58
  5. "Song for Shelter" (Pete Heller Beats and Pieces) (Clark/Slim) - 9:58
  6. "Talkin' Bout My Baby" (Midfield General's Disco Reshuffle Mix) (Anthony/Cook/Hall/Ross) - 6:55

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